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Mentoring Code of Conduct


The code of conduct is designed to establish a set of guidelines to create a benchmark for ethics and good practice and ensure that mentors conduct their practice in a professional yet, friendly and ethical manner. The code is also meant to inform mentees, and to promote public confidence in the Institute Student Mentorship Program (ISMP) as a process for personal and professional development.

Institute Student Mentorship Program (ISMP)

Institute Student Mentor Programme, (ISMP) is a student initiative, run by IIT Ropar, to make sure that the transition of freshmen into IIT life is smooth and concurrently facitilate the growth of individials so that they can make informed decision when faced with decisions in their life at IIT Ropar. Every freshman joining IIT Ropar is assigned a mentor who will be a friend and guide for the fresher's stay at IIT Ropar and will help him analyze various options at different stages of IIT life.


Mentors are second, third and fourth-year students at IIT Ropar who aid the induction of freshmen and their development process through the academic year. Mentoring is not only about the transfer of knowledge from a more experienced to a less experienced person through learning and dialogue, but also about being a good friend with whom a mentee may share all his hesitations and apprehensions.

Code of Conduct

1.Commit to the relationship and the ISMP for one full academic year.

2.Attend and actively participate in all mentoring training and special events, and in the long run suggest and execute any idea relevant to the ISMP.

3.Trust and confidentiality are backbone of successful mentoring and must bemaintained at all times. Be careful about sensitive issues. A mentees personal lifemay be difficult to discuss early in the relationship.

4.Should abide to all rules set up by the Proctorial Committee during the initialinteraction period. All meetings with freshers should happen in open and visibleregions and not in closed rooms.

5.No illegal drugs should be promoted or consumed within the mentorship activities / meetings.

6.No alcohol/ tobacco should be promoted or consumed within the mentorship activities / meetings.

7.Never physically discipline or use abusive language or ultimatums as a tool for putting your point across. Any instance of ragging during mentorship activities is strictly forbidden and will be reported to concerned authorities.

8.Failure to comply or an outright violation of any of the above may lead to termination from the ISMP for all purposes.

Good Practices

1. Recognize that mentoring in IIT ROPAR is focused on building a lasting relationship and sharing information.

2. During the initial stages of the programme, your mentee may appear hesitant and unresponsive to your help. The mentee's attitude will take a positive turnover time and after sincere efforts from your end. Be patient!

3. Remember there is an initial phase to every relationship. In the early stages, a freshman is interested in knowing how sincere and 'real' you are. Establish a means of communication at the earliest.

4. Conduct regular mentor meetings during the initial phase. Inform him of all the activities that take place in IIT especially those recommended for freshmen.

5. Consider conducting the mentor meetings in the Common Room/ Mess Hall and not in private, at least during the first month or so (for freshmen). Understand that there is a civilized timing for this meeting, and it should not extend to late night.

6. Advise your mentee of complaint procedures in case of an undue approach or an instance of ragging. Remember: His insecurities are heightened by the fact of him being in a new environment.

7. Don't try to be a teacher, parent, therapist or babysitter. Present the information carefully and without any distortion and give all possibilities and solution a fair hearing, without passing a judgement. Suggest ways to solve the problem together, rather than lecture the mentee. Remember: Your role is to respond to the mentee's needs, not impose your agenda.

8. Respect the integrity of your mentee and influence him through constructive feedback. If you have a concern which you believe is beyond your ability to handle, call the MRC Coordinators even if it is trivial.

9. Do not give your mentee the silent treatment. Discuss your and his concerns.

10. On a very rare occasion you may need to inform the mentee's parents of any unacceptable behaviour. Before doing this, get in touch with the MRC Coordinators and a professor.

11. Don't make judgements concerning a family conflict or heightened situation.Leave the parenting to the parent.

12. If you are informed that your mentee's safety or safety of another is jeopardised, report this concern to the MRC Coordinators, Hostel Caretaker and Warden or aprofessor immediately.

13. As has been seen, mentors have a great deal of impact however, it is not immediately evident. Look for signs: like increased attendance, higher CGPA, timely showing up for mentor meetings and freely expressing appreciation.

14. Mentors and mentees will be asked to complete evaluations provided by the Mentorship Committee (MRC). The evaluations will be recorded on an electronic database. This is to ensure that expected standards are met, and to realise ways in which the programme can be further improved during the year and subsequently, over the years to come.

15. If you are unhappy about experiences associated with the ISMP or any of its policies, you are requested to speak to the MRC Coordinators.

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About IIT Ropar

Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (IIT Ropar) is one of the eight new IITs set up by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India. The foundation stone of the Institute was laid on 24th February 2009. The Institute is currently operating from a transit campus, occupied earlier by the Government Polytechnic for Women. Professor M.K. Surappa joined as the first Director of the institute in June, 2009, and Shri A. Palanivel joined as the first Registrar in July, 2009. These two areas of focus will enable students to gain exposure to recent trends in their chosen domains of study and practical experience through a wide variety of activities that the institute facilitates in its own campus and arranges for in collaboration with industry and other institutes. The Government of Punjab has allotted 501 acres of land on the banks of the river Satluj to IIT Ropar. When completed, the campus will be a self-contained township catering to all the needs of faculty, staff and students. At the transit campus, arrangements have been made for classes, laboratories, hostels and faculty accommodation. In due course of time, the institute will shift to the main campus. At present, the institute offers Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) programme in the following disciplines: Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering & Civil Engineering. This programme is spread over a period of eight semesters and the institute admits forty, forty, forty & twenty five students respectivaly .


It is a general board, under which all comes all different kind of student activities. This board is governed by 'General Secretary' who is being elected by votingamong students every year.

Under this board comes four sub-boards,

1. BOCA(Board of Cultural Activities)
2. BOSA(Board of Sports Activities)
3. BOST(Board of Science&Technology)
4. BOHA(Board of Hostel activities)

BOCA(Board of Cultural Activities)

As the name itself tells the purpose for creating this board. BOCA controls and supports all kind of cultural activities happening in the campus.Under this comes two things, 'SPIC MACAY' and 'Cultural Secretary'.

SPIC MACAY stands for 'Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Among Youth'. From last two years, students at IIT Ropar are organising cultural activities in collaboration with SPIC MACAY, and will be further continuing this.

Cultural Secretary is the person who governs different cultural clubs in activity at IIT Ropar. It is elected the same way as that of General Secretary.

Different cultural clubs at IIT Ropar:-

Music club:- Music club welcomes everyone who has interest in music and gives him/her an opportunity to show up his talent in music. Not only professionals, even beginners are also welcome so that they come and learn music. Also, a special room is provided for all kinds music stuff.

Arturo:- Wherever IIT Ropar goes, Arturo goes with it. It is the one and only photography club of IIT Ropar. Captures every moment, and every event happing at the campus or outside.

Dance club:- Who don't love to dance. Come, learn and participate in different dance events at the college and at other places wherever IIT Ropar goes. Also a good quality of room is made for students having interest in dance.

Dramatics club:- Everyone of us likes movies, but movies started from drama, and to enhance this culture, dramatics club helps students. Come here not only for drama, if you have a good mind in literature writing, help in writing scripts for play and dialogues.

Fine Arts club:- There are many small talents hidden inside us like painting, making some good out of trash, etc. Fine arts club do the same. This club organises events like face painting, blind painting, rangoli competition, etc.

Literary club:- Belletrist is The Literature club of IIT Ropar. Its a platform for those who want to show their literary talent !!! Poems, Articles, shayari etc.. anything..identify the writer within yourself.. and let your pen be your voice.

Movie club:- Asli maja sab ke sath aata hai. Entertainment is necessary in life, and many times we see movies to entertain us. Movie club time to time shows movies and other stuffs like cricket matches to refresh our mind.

Among different cultural activities and events, every college has its own fest, as do IIT Ropar have. ZEITGEIST, the annual cultural fest of IIT Ropar. Every year, students of IIT Ropar organises Zeitgeist, a three day four night event, with lots of different kinds of cultural events and amazing star nights and DJ nights. You are gonna remorse if you miss it. It is one of the biggest stages that IIT Ropar provides you to come up and show your real talent. Come on the stage, compete with guys and girls of different college and show them what you are capable of. Come, sing dance and have fun with your friends. Watch bollywood stars and amazing bands perform live, and many more great things.

BOSA(Board of Sports Activities)

Sports and games are a part of our life. We all play one or other sport. BOSA takes care of ground, whether they are well maintained or not, provides different types of equipments, and help students in to enhance their skills. BOSA provides coach for every sport and keep an eye on them. Students have freedom that they can play any sport at any time. Each and every ground is equipped with flood lights so that students can play even at night.

Like other boards, this also has a secretory which governs the board.

Different sports at IIT Ropar:-
1. Cricket
2. Football
3. Basket ball
4. Table tennis
5. Lawn tennis
6. Volleyball
7. Badminton

Other then this, IIT Ropar has its own gym, and a gymnasium club which organises events regularly and helps students maintain their fitness.

BOST(Board of Science&Technology)

IITs are known for their expertness in science and technology. People choose IITs over other institutes so that they could grasp the expertise of IITs and use that to develop things to make a better world.We at IIT Ropar, promotes the understanding that progress has been happening in scientific and technological fields for years, not only just by our classroom work but also by providing different clubs and societies and by organising different events which inspires curiosity of students and develop an attitude of discovery. S&T secy handles this board.

We also have a CFI(Centre for innovation) where students can work on their ideas with the help of other seniors and faculties.

Different S&T clubs at IIT Ropar:-

Coding club:- A club especially for computer science students, but it welcomes all students to join, learn to code, enhance your skills in different types of coding and make use of it to take part in different competitions in coding at different levels and prove your skills.

Monochrome:- After adding some effects to videos, they look amazing. Here, learn photoshop, video editing, and other stuffs related to videos.

Enigma(Quiz Club):- Organise different kind of quizzes at the campus.

Zenith:- At night, when we see the sky, it looks amazing due to the moon and the stars. Zenith is the astronomy club of IIT Ropar.

Robotics club:- In modern world, everything is becoming automated, controlled by robots. Join this club if you desire to make a bot by yourself.

Chess club:- Who don't like to play chess. If you think you can't be beaten by anyone in chess, then come here and compete with different brilliant minds from all over the India and show up yourself.

BOHA(Board of Hostel Activities)

IITs have a culture that every UG student must reside inside the campus only. And to fulfil that, every IIT has hostels for students. For keeping an eye on these hostel and their maintenance, a secretory is chosen so that no student faces any problem during his residence. Under hostel secretory, there are hostel representatives for each hostel who time to time check out his hostel and help to maintain the good condition of hostel.

Other than all this, every year, there are competitions among hostel like on different festivals to decorate hostels.

Director's Message

Dear Students, Congratulations on joining the IIT Ropar family. On behalf of the Institute, I welcome you to IIT Ropar, a place where we celebrate youth and excellence and attempt to transform young persons into adults with a sense of social responsibility, human values and concern for environment. We not only strive to train the students to become excellent scientists, technologists, thinkers and leaders of the society, but also help them mould themselves into better human beings. To start with, a 4-year B.Tech programme is offered in three branches, viz., Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering with a strength of 40 students in each branch. The curriculum, course structure and syllabus for the first year courses are similar to (but may not be identical to) that in IIT Delhi. We hope that you would use this opportunity to realize your full potential and bring out the best in you. We are sure that the excellent academic environment and the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities will also help you in developing your personality and in your all-round development. I believe that your education in IIT Ropar will be a fulfilling experience. There would be of course times when you might feel lonely and stressed, especially during the initial phase of your stay here. During these times, I will strongly suggest that you should not hesitate in seeking help from your student mentor, faculty advisor or the Institute Counselor. We will make a genuine attempt in assisting you during the times of your trials and tribulations. We have also set up a special Help Desk for IIT Ropar to help you resolve your problems, through the voluntary efforts of some of our faculty and staff members. You can approach this help desk at any time during your stay at the IIT Ropar campus to address any of your concerns regarding either academic matters or life in the campus. In case of special needs, you are also welcome to seek the help of the Dean of Student Affairs or the Dean of Academic and Research. I sincerely hope that your academic pursuit in IIT Ropar will be fruitful and enjoyable in every aspect and the experiences you gain here and the moments you spend here will be cherished by you all your life. Wishing you the very best, (Sarit K. Das)

Vision and Mission

The institute, apart from establishing a robust teaching environment, is keen to facilitate and support cutting-edge research in variety of areas. This aspect, we believe, will enable the students to acquaint themselves with latest developments in their respective areas of study and peruse their own research interests. This would also result in a constant revision of courses that are being taught. The institute encourages its faculty members to initiate research work and provides an initiation grant and also the basic facilities for its sustenance. It also encourages faculty members to establish collaborative research ventures with other research labs and industry. In this regard, the institute is keen to establish the Central Research Facility. The institute has already started its PhD Programme, so that the research environment is further augmented, expanded, and made even more vibrant.


Percentage of placements (Total and Branch wise) recorded last year are as follows-

Latest Placement News
IIT Ropar placements: 10% jump in average salaries

Amazon, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Arista Networks, Texas Instruments, Larsen & Toubro, Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata Motors, Coal India Limited, Anglo Eastern Ship Management, Steelwedge, Axtria, and Click Labs were some of the major recruiters this year.

The first-time recruiters this year include Saavn, Yodlee, TinyOwl, Grofers, Practo, CouponDunia, Steelwedge, Axtria, Click Labs, RockON, BRDS, Anglo Eastern Ship Management, Indus Valley Partners, Coal India Limited, and SyberPlace.

How they fared

B.Tech Placements 2015-16
CSE EE ME Overall
No. of students registered 34 30 24 88
No. of placed students 31 21 19 71
Placement Percentage 91.18% 70% 79.17% 80.68%
Average Package (Lakh/Annum) 12.28

IIT Ropar sees 80 per cent placement, over 12 lakh average package offered

IIT Ropar saw a successful placement season with a total of 71 B Tech students placed so far. An average package of over 12 lakh per annum was offered with an increase of 10 per cent compared to the last season. Some of the major recruiters were Amazon, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Arista Networks, Texas Instruments, Larsen & Toubro, Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata Motors, Coal India Limited, Anglo Eastern Ship Management, Steelwedge, Axtria and Click Labs.

Dr Ravi Mohan Prasad, Head, Training & Placement Cell, IIT Ropar said,"The response from industry has been overwhelming and we are glad to see 80 per cent of our students placed already. More than 90 per cent of the Computer Science students and close to 58 per cent of the Mechanical Engineering students have been offered positions in core-technical companies."

IIT Ropar also saw a robust line-up of first time recruiters like Saavn, Yodlee, TinyOwl, Grofers, Practo, CouponDunia, Steelwedge, Axtria, Click Labs, RockON, BRDS, Anglo Eastern Ship Management, Indus Valley Partners, Coal India Limited, and SyberPlace A total of 37 companies came for the placements this year.

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Computer Science Enactus Video Editing & Animation
Electrical Engineering Coding Club Zenith-Astronomy Club
Humanities and Social Sciences Music Robotics Club
Mathematics Arturo-Photography Club Dance Club
Physics Enigma-Quiz Club Dramatics Club
Chemistry Zeitgeist (The Spirit Of Times)