Our Team

Our team consist of faculty members as well as students

Faculty Members

Dr. Ravi Mohan Prasad, Assistant Professor in the School of Mechanical, Materials & Energy Engineering (SMMEE),IIT Ropar is the faculty incharge of this programme and has taken special interest to help and encourage the students to form this Mentorship Programme. He has made a special effort in order to prepare the events for counselling of the 2016 Batch. With his mentorship we ensure that we will counsel the freshers to the best extent possible.

Check Out Other Members

Following are the names and details of our mentorship team members

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NameEmail IDMobile No
(Mentors from 4th Year)  
Ananya Kirtiananya.kirti@iitrpr.ac.in 9819906154
(Mentors from 3rd Year)  
Shivam Jindal 2014meb1112@iitrpr.ac.in--
Pradeep Kalra2014meb1106@iitrpr.ac.in9812345412
Rahil Bhimani2014meb1107@iitrpr.ac.in9872496798
Sakthidasan K2014eeb1071@iitrpr.ac.in9646434219
Shivam Jindal2014meb1112@iitrpr.ac.in8528916406
Siddharth Khera2014eeb1076@iitrpr.ac.in9799974528
(Mentors from 2nd Year)  
Aakash Aggarwal2015med1001@iitrpr.ac.in9990295153
Aakash Ravgotra2015meb1081@iitrpr.ac.in9915369590
Akash Mathwani2015eeb1045@iitrpr.ac.in8386972428
Ambuj Gahoi2015meb1084@iitrpr.ac.in9888928239
Anirudh Sharma2015csb1007@iitrpr.ac.in7597522496
Anuj Kalsotra2015meb1085@iitrpr.ac.in9796681022
Deva Dath Jagarlamudi2015meb1089@iitrpr.ac.in9915368166
Harshjeet Singh Aulakh2015eeb1054@iitrpr.ac.in7837447400
Himanshu Dahiya2015csb1013@iitrpr.ac.in7508211334
Kinshuk Verma2015eeb1059@iitrpr.ac.in9779711988
Kushal Singhal2015eeb1062@iitrpr.ac.in8764059325
Naman Gola2015eeb1064@iitrpr.ac.in--
Nittin Singh2015eeb1067@iitrpr.ac.in7307381372
Omraj Burnwal2015eeb1068@iitrpr.ac.in9781095338
Rishabh Goel2015meb1107@iitrpr.ac.in8683992999
Ritik Rai2015meb1108@iitrpr.ac.in9569555585
Rohan Panth2015meb1109@iitrpr.ac.in8725810139
Rushit Virani2015meb1111@iitrpr.ac.in9779995634
Tanay Narshana2015eeb1076@iitrpr.ac.in9409033322

Website Development

1. Pradeep Kalra (Developer & Designer)

2. Harshit Gupta (Co-Designer)


1. Akshat Jain

2. Swapnil Rai

3. Shailesh Mani Pandey

Content Team

1. Aditya Gupta

2. Ambuj Gahoi

3. Anuj Kalsotra

4. Harshit Gupta

5. Himanshu Dahiya

6. Kartikey Ghai

7. Kumar Ayush

8. Kushal Singhal

9. Naman Goyal

10. Sachin Narwal

11. Sarthak Gupta

12. Swapnil Rai

13. Eeshan Sharma

14. Eshan Indoliya

Founder Team

1. Akshat Pandey

2. Ashish Garg

3. Naresh Kumar

4. Naina Bansal

5. Naman Chabra

6. Aayush Chaurasia

7. Nitin Jain

8. Satya Prakash Mishra

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Computer Science Enactus Video Editing & Animation
Electrical Engineering Coding Club Zenith-Astronomy Club
Humanities and Social Sciences Music Robotics Club
Mathematics Arturo-Photography Club Dance Club
Physics Enigma-Quiz Club Dramatics Club
Chemistry Zeitgeist (The Spirit Of Times)