Dr. Neelkanth Nirmalkar

Assistant Professor
Chemical Engineering

Room No. 348

Tel: +91-1881-242308

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Areas of Research

Bulk Nanobubbles, Rheology, Multiphase Flow, Heat Transfer, Motion of Bubbles/Drops, CFD modelling of pyrolysis of biomass, Thermal ablation in composite Materials, Cooling system for Li-battery pack using PCM, Electrokinetic particle transport in nanopores.


Ph. D in Chemical Engineering (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur), 2014.

Work Experience

Post-Doctoral Fellow at University of Birmingham

Selected Publications/Patents

1. N. Nirmalkar, A.W. Pacek and M. Barigou, Bulk nanobubbles from acoustically cavitated aqueous organic solvent mixtures Langmuir, accepted (2018).
2. N. Nirmalkar, A.W. Pacek and M. Barigou, Interpreting the interfacial and Colloidal Stability of Bulk Nanobubbles. Soft Matter , 9643-9656, (2018).
3. N. Nirmalkar, A.W. Pacek and M. Barigou, Existence and Stability of Bulk nanobubbles, Langmuir, 10964-10973 (2018) .
4. Anoop K. Gupta, Garima Mishra, N. Nirmalkar, and R. P. Chhabra, Effect of Confinement on Heat Transfer in Aqueous Nanofluids from a Heated Sphere, Powder Technology, 325, 576-96 (2018).
5. P. Mishra, N. Nirmalkar and R.P. Chhabra, Free convection from a heated vertical cone in generalized Newtonian fluids, Journal of Thermophysics and Heat transfer, Revision submitted (2018).
6. C. Sasmal and N. Nirmalkar, Momentum and heat transfer characteristics from heated spheroids in water based nanofluids, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 96,582-601 (2016).
The full list of publications is available on google scholar