Department of Civil Engineering

Approval has been obtained from the Board of Governors of IIT Ropar to establish the Department of Civil Engineering at IIT Ropar. This department will offer B.Tech program in Civil Engineering starting from 2016-17 Academic Year.

The B.Tech. program apart from covering the fundamental courses, shall imbibe all traditional aspects of civil engineering including materials, structures, water resources, environment, soil mechanics/ foundation, transportation and geomatics in a holistic mode avoiding unnecessary compartmentalization. Larger emphasis shall be placed upon the engineering sciences with an objective of producing “thinking” engineers capable of tackling even unorthodox engineering challenges. In addition, focus shall be on related modern developments like new materials, wireless-sensors, modeling and simulation; and the current issue of climate change. Initially the intake into the program shall be restricted to 25.

Soon Ph.D. in Civil Engineering will also be started at IIT Ropar. The Ph.D. program shall encompass the entire spectrum of civil engineering and other interfacing disciplines. However, larger emphasis shall be placed upon the problems of the region (Punjab and Haryana) like floods, water-logging, earthquakes, road accidents, cancer epidemic, dwindling water resources, degrading environment/water quality.

Faculty recruitment process is already initiated ( and we are receiving a very positive response. 

General structure of the curriculum (under revision) at IIT Ropar can be found in the UG Handbook. First year schedule of courses is mostly common. Final details will be posted by the end of February.

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Further details will be made available soon.