Dhage Sagar Bhimraj

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Research Scholar
sagarbd@iitrpr.ac.in & sagardhage85@gmail.com

My area of research is Sustainable Manufacturing and Product Design. The main objective of my research is to design and development cutting tools to enhance dry machining and near dry machining processes making machining process more sustainable. Further, it includes investigation of tribological aspect of machining, optimization of design parameters, analysis of machining forces, tool wear and workpiece surface integrity. 
Specialties: Design and development of cutting tools, performance analysis of cutting tools, tool life and tool wear, surface integrity, tribology, Value Engineering,Intellectual Property Rights.

Areas of Research: 
Sustainable manufacturing, Sustainable machining, Sustainable design
Tribology, Wear and Friction
M. Tech. (Energy Studies- Pune University), PG Diploma in Operation Managment (SIBM, Pune), BE (Mech, Pune University)
Work Experience: 
2 years in WInd Turbine Industry (Kenersys India Pvt Ltd and Suzlon Pvt Ltd)
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Prabir Sarkar
Dr. Anshu Dhar Jayal