Director's speech on Independence Day

Dear friends,

My heartfelt wishes for the 69th Independence Day. Probably here there is hardly anyone who woke up on the mid night of 15th August 1947 to hear India’s tryst with destiny. We are born in an independent country and hence probably understand very little about insult of being governed by a foreign power. However, whenever we are away from the country we observe that non-resident Indians celebrating Independence Day with more vigour than people celebrate in the country itself. Probably it is the feeling of an identity as Indians which is behind such emotions.
The identity of being an independent country where sovereign power of deciding our destiny rests with us, brings about a huge responsibility on our shoulders. We, particularly the elite who are in this campus have got double the responsibility compared to a common man, to dedicate our services and life for the progress of the nation. This is because we are paid to an unimaginable extent, expecting that the outcome of this institution will lead the nation forward.The money spent on each student here would have been enough to have a village primary school.The money spent on each faculty member could have been enough to finance a small secondary school. The nation although constrained with resources did spend such a huge amount of common man’s money, only to expect that such institutions will contribute for the progress of the nation from which the people of this country will be benefitted. Hence before we point finger of anyone for the problem which the country faces, let us not forget that whenever we point finger at anyone three more fingers at the same hand point towards ourselves. We shall be failing our responsibilities as citizens of an Independent nation if we do not dedicate ourselves to the service of this nation. Taking steps for that can be making IIT Ropar a great institution dedicated to the service of the nation.
Who can carry out this work? It is the students, faculty and staff of this institution who should take the lead and think of giving back their best to the nation by giving best services to this institution. Yes, we all have personal agenda of progressing in our career but let us do it without forgetting our responsibilities towards the nation. The world today is looking at this nation. The uniqueness of India’s great story is that this nation is achieving respect of the World taking a democratic path. This is always more difficult, more painful way of achieving growth but definitely it is more sustainable way where we do not silence the voices of concern while planning our growth agenda.
The founding fathers of this nation, along with the numerous freedom fighters who gave their lives to the country, wanted this nation to be independent and happy. Over last seven decades, India has emerged towards becoming a global power to fulfill it. However in this competitive world to march further, a nation requires a power of Science & Technology to be counted among the best. It is here that we can contribute. Even if each of us decides to work with one problem of our society we will see that we will be making great contributions towards the nation and to this Institute. Let us take a pledge to do that and take this county to the premiere seat in the committee of nations.
Let us salute today people who fought for the independence of the country and dedicate ourselves to the service of this great nation.

Jai Hind