Externally Sponsored Projects

S. No.                                                                TitleSponsored byFaculty

Amount of grant


1Experimental Investigations on Breakdown Phenomenon in Power CablesDepartment of Science and TechnologyDr. C C ReddyRs. 55 Lakhs3 years (2013 onwards)
2Investigations on new nanocomposite materials for electrical insulation CPRIDr. C C ReddyRs. 65 Lakhs2 years (2014 onwards)
3Design Verification and Analysis of Electronic Impact cum Time Delay Sensing Module CircuitDRDO -TBRLDr. Rohit Y Sharma/Dr. C C Reddy Rs. 9.72 Lakhs 1 year (2014 -15)
4Design and Development of Compact Firing CircuitDRDO-TBRLDr. C C Reddy/Dr. Rohit Y SharmaRs. 9.12 Lakhs1 year (2014-1
5Smart Phone Based Real-Time Remote Monitoring of Cardiac   Patients From Hospital Coronary care unitss (CCI's)


Dr. J. S. Sahambi

Rs. 32 Lakhs3 years
6Enhancement of Power system Monitoring and stability assessment using synchrophasor Technology

DST under Fast Track for Young Scientist


Dr. Ranjana Sodhi

Rs. 17.37 Lakhs3 years
7Design and Optimization of an Ultra Low-loss Interconnect Link on Silicon Interposer

DST under Fast Track for Young Scientist

Dr. Rohit Y sharma

Rs. 20.16 Lakhs3 years
8Matched Filter Approach for Chirp Excited Infrared Imaging for Non-destructive Characterization


Dr. Ravibabu M

Rs. 46 Lakhs3 years
9Non-destructive Testing of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) Using Non-stationary Thermal Imaging Technique


(Ministry of Defense)

Dr. Ravibabu M

Rs. 22 Lakhs3 years