Facilities @ IIT Ropar

Library:he Central Library functions as the primary information resource centre and repository of printed and electronic resources for teaching and research activities at the institute. Apart from textbooks and recommended reading materials prescribed for each course offered at the institute, the library houses a growing collection of research monographs, reports, multi-volume reference works, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and so on. The library facilitates access to electronic journals through its participation in consortia, such as E-Shodh Sindhu. The library also subscribes to several e-journals directly from publishers as well as through reputed subscription agencies. At present, users can consult more than 17000 books (available on shelves) and thousands of electronic books, journals. Online access is also provided to economic and political databases, scientometric databases such as Scopus, MathSciNet, and Web of Science.

The library operations are automated using LIBSYS 7 (EJB Version) software. The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) which is on public domain enables users to search documents in possession of the library. The library is using the Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID), a state-of-the-art auto identification technique which helps in self-servicing and enhanced security. A separate e-resources section is provided in the library to browse CDs and DVDs of books, theses, and dissertations. The library has developed institutional digital repository (IDR) using open source software (DSpace) to archive and provide online access to the intellectual output of the institute. IDR is available publicly. These steps will greatly enhance the library’s efficiency in making the resources available to the academic community at large and also enable the institute to participate in various inter-library initiatives at national and international levels.

Our Library is providing extensive research support services such as citation analysis, usage of reference management tools, copyright and plagiarism support etc. We are using a Turnitin, a leading academic plagiarism tool to improve the quality of research publications. Library is constantly striving to identify and adopt the emerging academic and research support tools and helping the institute in achieving its vision and mission.
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Virtual Classrooms (NKN): Two virtual classrooms have been set up at IIT Ropar. NKN interconnect the institutions engaged in research, higher education and scientific development in the country. Besides all the classrooms are fitted with multimedia and Air conditioners. 

Hostel Accommodation:

The Institute campus houses four hostels with latest and modern facilities: Jupiter, Mercury (Wing A & Wing B), Neptune Hostels for boys and Venus Hostel for girls. The hostels are well equipped for comfortable lodging and boarding of approximately 550 students. All hostels are provided with water coolers and RO systems. Each hostel has a common room that provides facilities for indoor recreation and games. The hostels are supported with generator power. The hostel complex also includes four shops that cater to the basic needs of the residents; washing machine facilities are also available to the students in the hostels.

Health Care :

The institute has allocated a separate building, which adjoins the hostel complex, for its medical facility. Doctors(Homeopathic, Ayurverdic & Allopathic), Pharmacist & Staff nurse are attending medical emergencies of the campus residents. In addition the institute relies on a few super- specialty hospitals in the city of Ropar and Chandigarh for providing medical care to its members. 

Academic Programmes:

At present, the institute offers a 4-year programme leading to the Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) degree in Six disciplines, viz., Civil Engineering (sanctioned strength 35), Chemical Engineering (sanctioned strength 25), Computer Science and Engineering (sanctioned strength 60), Electrical Engineering (sanctioned strength 60), and Mechanical Engineering (sanctioned strength 70) and Metallurgical and Materials Engineering(sanctioned strength 20). The institute also offers a 5-year Dual degree program in Mechanical Engineering (sanctioned strength 10), apart from this 29 Supernumerary seats are reserved for females in different disciplines. The curriculum followed at IIT Ropar provides a comprehensive technical education, with a view to produce quality engineer- scientists. It facilitates broad-based knowledge acquisition and, simultaneously, nurtures a temper of life-long learning and exploration. Students are encouraged to go beyond the classroom to conduct and carry out independent work by means of research projects, guided reading, and by allowing them to join the research activities undertaken by faculty members. The idea behind such a fashioning of the curriculum is the belief that classroom activities must be supplemented by independent study and also by individual research that broadens one's horizon and provides opportunities to bring one's ideas to fruition. ;

Training and Placement Facilities:

Training and placement office is equipped with Video Conferencing, Skype Facilities for interviews and interaction with the companies. Audio and Video facilities with state of art technology are available for the pre placement talks. Interview rooms, Conference room and Computer labs for conducting online tests are also made available. For detailed information and statistics please visit URL 

Student Activity Centre (SAC)

The Students Activity Centre is the regulatory body governing different student activities at IIT Ropar. At the apex of this structure is the Professor in Charge (Student Affairs) – he is assisted by the Faculty (Students Activity Centre) and by various Student office bearer, in charge of different activities. Students at IIT Ropar engage themselves in a large number of extra-curricular activities, and a student can find an interest group corresponding to almost any hobby. State of the art facilities are available in the SAC. Cultural activities are a set of performing and non-performing arts, which are run by a set of clubs corresponding to different skills and interests. The vibrant club culture on campus is something unique to IIT Ropar , and helps to nurture and develop talent.

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Student Activity Centre Includes The Following Vibrant Clubs:

1. Dance Club
2. Music Club
3. Fine Arts Club
4. Gymnasium Club
5. Photography Club