Faculty [AT] DMME

Dr. Ravi Mohan Prasad   (Head of Department)
PhD (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)
Research Interests: Polymer-derived porous ceramics, Metal matrix composite, Membranes for hydrogen purification, Chemiresistor gas sensors, Hydrogen storage materials, Photocatalysts for wastewater decontamination

Dr. Neha Sardana
PhD (IMPRS-MLU, Halle (Saale), Germany)
Research Interests:Size-Property (electrical, mechanical and optical) relationship of Nanomaterials for different applications. Plasmon based materials and metamaterials for optical sensing devices in Visible and IR regime.

Dr. Priya Ghatwai  
Visiting Faculty
PhD (University of Virginia)
Research Interests: Processing-Structure-Property Relationships in Materials for the Transportation and Energy Sectors; Magnetic Nanocomposites; Electron Microscopy; Materials Sustainability/Materials & the Environment,Phase Transformations.

Dr. Khushboo Rakha
PhD (Deakin University Australia)
Research Interests:Advanced High Strength Steels (Nano-structured Bainitic Steels, Ultra Low Alloyed Steels, TWIP Steels and Dual Phase Steels)

Dr. Pratik K. Ray
PhD ( Iowa State University)
Research Interests:Non-Equilibrium Processing, High Temperature Materials, Oxidation, Phase Selection and Solid State Phase Transformations, Materials Informatics

Dr. Prince Kumar Singh
PhD ( IIT Kanpur)
Research Interests:Process Metallurgy, Physical and mathematical modelling of steel making processes, Recycling of steel plant’s waste material, Extractive metallurgy (ferrous)