Prof. Sarit K. Das
Email : director[AT]iitrpr[dot]ac[dot]in, skdas[AT]iitrpr[dot]ac[dot]in
Web : Click here
Room No. : 101
Contact No : +91-1881-2101 (O)
Designation : Director

Dr. Anupam Agrawal
Email : deanug[AT]
Web : Click Here
Room No. : 224
Contact No. : +91-1881-242165 (O)
Designation : Associate Dean Academics (UG)

Dr. C. C. Reddy
Web : Click Here
Email: deansa [AT]
Designation :Associate Dean Student Affairs

Dr. Narayanan C Krishnan
Web : Click Here
Email: ckn[AT]iitrpr[dot]ac[dot]in
Phone: (O)
Designation : Chair (JEE Adv. IIT Ropar)

Dr. Manju Khan
Email : manju[AT]iitrpr[dot]ac[dot]in
Web : Click Here
Room No. : 205
Contact No. : 01881-242161(O)
Designation : Nodal Faculty

Dr. Lipika Kabiraj
Email : lipika.kabiraj[AT]iitrpr[dot]ac[dot]in
Web : Click Here
Room No. : 354
Contact No. : 01881-24--(O)
Designation : Asst. Prof., Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Sujata Pal
Email : sujata[AT]iitrpr[dot]ac[dot]in
Web : Click Here
Room No. : 321
Contact No. : 01881242201(O)
Designation : Asst. Prof., Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. Himanshu Paliwal
PhD (University of Virginia)
Research Interests: Algorithm development to accelerate high throughput thermo-physical property estimation using molecular simulations; Molecular modeling and design; Chemical process design, optimization and techno-economic feasibility analysis; Multi-scale modeling and simulation;

Dr. Priya Ghatwai  [Visiting Faculty]
PhD (University of Virginia)
Research Interests: Processing-Structure-Property Relationships in Materials for the Transportation and Energy Sectors; Magnetic Nanocomposites; Electron Microscopy; Materials Sustainability/Materials & the Environment

Mr. C.S. Shamsundar
Email : sham[AT]
Room No. : 125
Contact No. : 01881-242186
Designation : Dupty Registrar (Academic and Research)

Ms. Bhawna Suri
Email : bhawna[AT]iitrpr[dot]ac[dot]in
Room No. : 333
Contact No. : +91 01881 242261 (O)
Designation : Counselor,Counseling Psychologist