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Title: Fundamental studies on complex metal hydrides as hydrogen storage material

Venue: Conference room

Date: 20.10.12 (Saturday)

Time: 11.30 AM


Hydrogen is regarded as a potential clean, renewable and cost effective energy alternative to fossil fuel. The storage of hydrogen is one of the key challenges in achieving hydrogen economy. High gravimetric and volumetric storage density, optimal thermodynamics and fast reaction kinetics are essential for a practical hydrogen storage system. Materials based hydrogen storage with an emphasis on the properties necessary for reversible storage being pursued will be reviewed.

 Complex metal hydrides such as NaAlH4 are promising hydrogen storage material and the presence of transition metal catalysts (M) accelerates the rate of hydrogen adsorption and desorption processes. However, the detailed atomistic mechanism responsible for the kinetic enhancement remains elusive. Experimental studies have suggested the presence of M-Al clusters after ball-milling. In this seminar, hydrogen storage properties of complex metal hydrides and the preliminary results of first principles study of nature of hydrogen interaction with the stable M-Al clusters will be presented. In addition, the properties of new B-N-Li clusters as a potential hydrogen storage material will also be presented.

All are cordially invited to attend the seminar.


Thursday, 1 November, 2012 - 11:45
Saturday, 20 October, 2012 - 11:30