PhD Courses for the Academic Year 2018-19 Sem-2
Course CodeTitleCourse CoordinatorL-T-P-S-CCredits
Mechanical Engineering
ME573Alternative Fuels and Advances in Engg.Dr. RK Maurya3-0-0-6-33
ME574Solar Thermal EngineeringDr. Himanshu Tyagi3-0-0-6-33
ME575Fluid MachinesDr. Purbarun Dhar3-0-0-6-33
ME576Convection Heat TransferDr. Devranjan Samanta (coordinator) and Prof. S.K. Das3-0-0-6-33
ME513Orthopaedic Biomechanics Dr. Navin Kumar2-0-2-5-33
ME514Fracture and FatigueDr. DK Mahajan3-0-2-7-44
ME515Finite Element Methods in Engg.Dr. Jitendra Prasad3-0-2-7-44
ME516Introduction to PlasticityDr. Sachin Kumar3-0-0-6-33
ME543Science of MachiningDr. AD Jayal3-0-0-6-33
ME544Rapid PrototypingDr. Ravikant3-0-0-6-33
ME545Sustainable Design and ManufacturingDr. Prabir Sarkar2-0-4-6-44
ME546MicromanufacturingDr. Anupam Agrawal3-0-2-7-44
ME577Thermal Management of ElectronicsDr. CS Sharma)3-0-0-6-33
ME578Energy Conservation and Waste Heat RecoveryDr. Ranjan Das3-0-0-6-33
Electrical Engineering
EE642Nondestructive Testing and EvaluationDr. Ravibabu Mulaveesala3-0-0-6-33
EE522Adaptive Signal ProcessingDr. Brijesh Kumbhani3-0-0-6-33
EE625Information Theory &Coding TechniquesDr. Sam Darshi3-0-0-6-33
EE721Optical Fiber CommunicationDr. Ravibabu Mulaveesala3-0-0-6-33
Computer Science and Engineering
CS503Machine LearningDr.C K Narayanan3-0-24
CSL 704Advanced Operating SystemsDr. Nitin Auluck3-0-24
CS622 (CS4xx)Advanced Image ProcessingDr. Puneet Goyal3-0-24
CS512Artificial IntelligenceDr.Shashi Shekhar Jha3-0-24
CS-5xx, MA-5xxPost Qunatum CryptographyDr. Somitra Sanadhya3-0-03
CS5xxData MiningDr. Tarique Anwar3-0-24
CS7xxAdvanced Data MiningDr. Tarique Anwar3-0-24
Center for Biomedical Engineering
BML602Drug deliveryDr. Yashveer Singh 3-0-0-6-33
BML607Medical devices and EquipmentDr. Ashish Kumar Sahani3-0-2-7-44
BML608BiomechanicsDr. Navin Kumar3-0-2-7-44
BML609Physics of Medical ImagingDr. Deepti R Bathula* Dr. Puneet Goyal3-0-2-7-44
BML610Research ethics and Professional / Scientific CommunicationProf. J.N. Agrewala* Dr. Kamal K Choudhary and Dr. Ansu Louis2-0-0-4-22
BML614ImmunologyProf. J.N. Agrewala3-0-0-6-33
CY604Electronic Structure CalculationsDr. T.J. Dhilip Kumar2-0-2-5-33
CY611Advances in Catalysis Dr. Rajendra Srivastava3-0-0-6-33
CY615Introduction to Non-Equilibrium Statistical MechanicsDr. Sudipta Sinha3-0-0-6-33
CY704Chemical Synthetic Strategy of Organic ReactionsDr. Indraneel and Dr. Avijit Goswami3-0-0-6-33
CY622Applied Electrochemistry Dr. Tharamani C.N  3-0-0-6-33
CY627Principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyDr. Manoj Pandey3-0-0-6-33
CY423Solid state chemistryDr. C.M. Nagaraja3-0-0-6-33
PHL603Physics of Electromagnetic WavesProf. R. Pillay/Dr. V. Pal3-0-03
PHL604Physics of Atoms, Molecules, and SolidsDr. S. Gautam/Dr. A. Biswas3-0-03
Humanities and Social Sciences
HS610Self and SocietyDr. Bijoy H. Boruah3-0-0-6-33
HS633Science and Technology in SocietyDr. Devaraj. P4-0-0-8-44
HS639Services MarketingDr. Amritesh4-0-0-8-44
HS632Brand ManagementDr. Dipanjan Kumar Dey4-0-0-8-44
HS622Financial Institutions and Corporate FinanceDr. Samaresh Bardhan3-0-0-6-33
HS618Research Methodology in Language and LiteratureDr. Aparna N3-0-0-6-33
HS605Liberalism and its CriticsDr. Sreekumar Jayadevan3-0-0-6-33
HS617World LiteratureDr. Dibyakusum Ray3-0-0-6-33
HS641PsychometricsDr. Parwinder Singh4-0-0-6-44
HS615Literary TheoryDr. Ansu Louis and Swathi Krishna S.3-0-0-6-33
HS621Applied EconometricsDr. Smruti Ranjan Behera3-0-0-6-33
MAL605Introduction to Nonlinear DynamicsDr. Partha S. Dutta3-0-0       3
MAL617Graph TheoryDr. Arti Pandey3-0-0       3
MAL703Computational Partial Differential EquationsDr. Arvind Kumar Gupta3-1-0       3
Chemical Engineering
CH606Introduction to Molecular DynamicsDr. Himanshu Paliwal3-0-0-5-33
CH609Modelling of Chemical Engineering SystemsDr. Asad H. Sahir3-1-0-5-33
Civil Engineering
CE602Earthquake Resistant Design of StructuresDr. Putul Haldar3-1-0-5-33
CE605Advance Remote SensingDr. Reet Kamal Tiwari2-0-2-5-33
CE607Principles of Aqueous GeochemistryDr. L. Vijay Anand)3-0-0-6-33
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
MM601Phase Transformations in MaterialsDr. Priya Ghatwai3-0-0-6-33