Layout of the experimental carbon fiber reinforced polymer sample
with inclusions and blind holes (all dimensions are in mm) and its
sequence of correlation sum thermograms.
Layout of the experimental mild steel sample (all dimensions are in cm)
and its time domain phase images
Direct wafer bonding between a plane oxidized Si wafer and an
oxidized silicon wafer having the square-shaped cavities.
Welcome to the InfraRed (IR)/Thermal
Wave Imaging (TWI) research group at
Indian Institute of Technology Ropar's
InfraRed Imaging Laboratory (IRIL) at
Department of Electrical Engineering.
Our goal is to advance the state-of-the-
art in IR Technologies for non-
destructive testing and non-invasive
imaging applications through advanced
scientific research.
Our primary efforts are focused around
coded excited active IR/TWI techniques
for Non-destructive Testing and
Evaluation (NDT&E) of various
materials. Coded excited IR/TWI
techniques, involves exciting the
specimen with predefined coded excited
stimulus (frequency modulated, Barker,
complementary Golay sequences etc..)
followed by an appropriate post
processing(preferably a correlation
based matched filtering) on the
captured infrared image sequence to
compress the excitation energy to a very
narrow duration pulse. These coded
excitation schemes and the followed
post processing techniques will greatly
improve the test resolution and
sensitivity without increasing the peak
power of the excitation for finding out
the subsurface anomalies hidden inside
the test material in an optimum
experimentation time. Our research
group is working simultaneously to
understand the different coded
excitation schemes with suitable
experimental procedures followed by
the development of algorithms which
will improve pulse compression
properties to enhance the test sensitivity
and resolution.
We are actively partnering with various
government agencies and some of the
internationally repute research groups
all over the globe in the field of
infrared/thermal wave imaging to assist
in the development and deployment of
coded excited thermal wave imaging
techniques for non-destructive testing
and evaluation applications. If you are
interested in this technology, please
contact Dr. Ravibabu Mulaveesala for
more information.
Thermal Image of the bonded
wafer after annealing at 400 C
Thermal Image of the bonded
wafer after annealing at 1100 C
Dr. Ravibabu Mulaveesala, InfraRed Imaging Laboratory (IRIL), Department of Electrical Engineering , Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, Nangal Road, Rupnagar,
Punjab, INDIA 140001, TEL: +91 1881 242118 FAX: +91 1881 223395 EMAIL: WEB: