Institute Student Mentorship Programme

"Go Where You Feel Most Alive"


Institute Student Mentorship Program (ISMP) is a student initiative of IIT Ropar, which aims to provide a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge to freshmen on critical issues like academics, co and extra-curricular activities and how to bring about an optimum balance between them which proves decisive in shaping an individual's contentment levels in the institute.

To ensure this, every fresher is allotted a mentor who obviously is a senior student with substantial experience in plethora of matters to guide the freshmen through the transition process. The mentors are selected through a rigorous process to make sure they can guide mentees to take informed decisions in all spheres.

For more info reach us at IIT Ropar official website

IIT Ropar's 501 acre new campus, with highest GRIHA rating of 5, is all set to intake 2019 batch. The permanent campus, well endowed with state-of-art lecture halls along with well-maintained playgrounds, hostels and advanced laboratories, is ready to help students gain practical insight of courses and give them a time of their life.

Effective from academic year 2017/18, newly designed curriculum based on Tyler-Taba rationale intends to provide students with strong fundamentals, hands on learning 7 types of B. tech options encouraging inter-disciplinary interests and help them maintain a connection with society while keeping alive the spirit of creativity and innovation.