Our Team

Faculty In-Charge

Dr. Mukesh Saini

mukesh@iitrpr.ac.in Faculty In-Charge

Dr. Mukesh Saini, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering,IIT Ropar is the faculty incharge of this programme and has taken special interest to help and encourage the students to form this Mentorship Programme. He has made a special effort in order to prepare the events for counselling of the 2018 Batch. With his mentorship we ensure that we will counsel the freshers to the best extent possible.

Core Team

Akshat Rathore

2016csb1030@iitrpr.ac.in 8765114997 Secretary

Kapil Razdan

2016meb1122@iitrpr.ac.in 9815215745 Secretary

Sudhanshu Ranjan

2016med1008@iitrpr.ac.in 9781699226 Website head

Utkarsh Katiyar

2016eeb1103@iitrpr.ac.in 9815228816 Content head

Team Members

Aayush Abhyankar

2017meb1182@iitrpr.ac.in 7976069551 mentor

Aditya Sharma

2017eeb1123@iitrpr.ac.in 9997776100 mentor

Aman Kharb

2017eeb1128@iitrpr.ac.in 7710280351 mentor

Amit Srivastava

2017meb1189@iitrpr.ac.in 9928013244 mentor


2017chb1037@iitrpr.ac.in 8146682029 mentor

Anmol Rattan

2017meb1193@iitrpr.ac.in 7889483240 mentor


2017meb1200@iitrpr.ac.in 9975120148 mentor

Devsmit Ranparia

2017meb1202@iitrpr.ac.in 9974533855 mentor

Dilip Shrma

2017csb1073@iitrpr.ac.in 8896740277 Web-design

Divnoor singh kang

2017eeb1137@iitrpr.ac.in 9464288899 mentor

Divyansh Bansal

2017meb1204@iitrpr.ac.in 7087077915 mentor


2017csb1074@iitrpr.ac.in 8283918488 mentor

Ekansh Agarwal

2017chb1041@iitrpr.ac.in 9045844739 mentor

Gaurav Ailaney

2017ceb1006@iitrpr.ac.in 8949089986 mentor

Hardik Goyal

2017ceb1007@iitrpr.ac.in 8427012721 mentor


2017ceb1008@iitrpr.ac.in 8054780727 mentor

Ishika Soni

2017eeb1145@iitrpr.ac.in 9057880344 mentor

Jashan Sanger

2017meb1214@iitrpr.ac.in 9988069842 mentor

Kamal Dhull

2017eeb1147@iitrpr.ac.in 7696815683 mentor


2017chb1045@iitrpr.ac.in 9690911442 mentor

Kritagya Agarwal

2017csb1088@iitrpr.ac.in 8619678782 mentor

Kshitiz Sharma

2017meb1218@iitrpr.ac.in 8295654006 mentor


2017eeb1149@iitrpr.ac.in 7726077014 mentor


2017ceb1013@iitrpr.ac.in 7589406499 mentor

Manpreet kaur

2017chb1046@iitrpr.ac.in 8872374649 mentor

Mayyank Garg

2017meb1221@iitrpr.ac.in 9619033390 mentor


2017meb1223@iitrpr.ac.in 8725894420 mentor

Mukul Arora

2017meb1224@iitrpr.ac.in 9557893268 mentor

Nikhil jain

2017eeb1155@iitrpr.ac.in 9269872228 mentor

Pankaj Kumar

2017csb1251@iitrpr.ac.in 9418947522 mentor

Parth Goyal

2017csb1095@iitrpr.ac.in 7988175611 mentor

Pranshu Garg

2017meb1230@iitrpr.ac.in 9149272394 mentor

Priya Jain

2017csb1099@iitrpr.ac.in 9079825743 mentor

Rahul Gupta

2017chb1053@iitrpr.ac.in 7742522607 mentor

Ripudaman Singh

2017csb1102@iitrpr.ac.in 9646274692 mentor

Rishabh Mudgal

2017meb1233@iitrpr.ac.in 8708980575 mentor

Ritvik Munjal

2017meb1234@iitrpr.ac.in 7696011532 mentor

Rohitash Phardoliya

2017chb1057@iitrpr.ac.in 7426007299 mentor


2017csb1106@iitrpr.ac.in 8683063151 mentor

Sidhant Jain

2017csb1112@iitrpr.ac.in 8989145987 mentor

Tanmay Khandelwal

2017meb1245@iitrpr.ac.in 7877558446 mentor

Ujjwal Goel

2017meb1246@iitrpr.ac.in 7589103871 mentor

Vaibhav Singh

2017csb1117@iitrpr.ac.in 8875646175 mentor

Vedant Paithane

2017meb1247@iitrpr.ac.in 9082273763 mentor

Vighanesh Sharma

2017csb1118@iitrpr.ac.in 9796466366 mentor

Yajurmani Sharma

2017eeb1180@iitrpr.ac.in 9779720682 mentor


2017chb1060@iitrpr.ac.in 9610003799 mentor

Founding Members

Akshat Pandey

Ashish Garg

Naresh Kumar

Naina Bansal

Naman Chhabra

Aayush Chaurasia

Nitin Jain

Satya Prakash Mishra