The Home away from your Home

Wondering about your hostel life at IIT Ropar? Well, being a resident here will surely be a very different, amazing experience. The time spent here would be memories one can cherish for lifetime.

Some of you maybe having a prior experience of hostel life during JEE coaching in some institutes but believe me this one will be totally different and will surely be an addition of a very happening new chapter in your life.

Honestly speaking, bidding goodbyes to parents in the initial phase is never easy. The emotional attachment developed by spending a major part of life within the protective shell of parents overpower the excitement of exploring a new place. In the very first few days, feeling worried and lonely is a likely affair and keeping that in mind a Room of 4 individuals is provided in the first year.

A room of four never let the feeling of loneliness dominate your emotions and you get use to the environment within a week. And it's not just four, as we get use to people around us, person chilling out in a single room exceeds four. Mostly a group of students come together and spend their time in a single room. Watching a movie together, playing card games, playing online games on same server, discussion of random topics, group studies during exams, birthday parties etc keeps a room full of students occupied as the semester progresses. Fun is good but if such gatherings continued for a longer period of time can affect your academics, so time needs to be spent wisely.

Even if the feeling of separation from parents still remains in some corner of the heart, introduction to courses and various fun activities will keep you occupied throughout the day and these emotions will start to fade within a couple of weeks in the college. It's impossible for humans to be surrounded by people and still be alone. So, don't you worry as new friendships will develop, some of them so close that they will remain with you forever.

Initial days will be occupied by the academic classes and activities by the ISMP, aimed at getting you comfortable with the college and your fellow students. Classes are scheduled in the day time from 9:00 am onwards but gaps between lectures is kept for ample relaxation of the mind.

Once the classes are over, we need to get the mood right. Nothing can make a mentally tired mind more soothing than Sports. In the evening, we have different sports like Cricket, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis etc on offer where one can learn, enjoy and more importantly feel free. We also have gymming facilities for fitness enthusiasts. Not only outdoors, students also have access to indoor gaming facilities like carom, Table Tennis and Badminton etc.

Post Dinner i.e. from 9:00 pm onwards, orientation of the cultural and technical clubs and societies like Enactus, SME etc is kept within first few weeks. For some of you it may take time to adjust to this schedule as but you will get habituated very soon and it will be fun .

Sometimes activities gets prolonged till 12 @ night. Well, it sound hectic but need not to worry. Once here, you get adapted to the happening nightlife. The campus is totally secure and open for a night life. We have cafeterias and canteens where food is provided till 4 @ night. We have floodlights for sporting facilities at night. We have a safe and secure campus where you can roam around 24*7 hours a week and so an interesting and happening night life waits for you here, in IIT Ropar. Well, again waking up late at night have it’s own health and academic repercussions and so it's on you to manage your time.

The state of Punjab is popular for its culture and so an IIT in this state needs to be rich culturally. The Culture of IIT Ropar is very versatile. Students from all across India come to this beautiful campus and it is ensured that each individual feels this campus as their second home. We celebrate festivals from all the regions. Baisakhi celebration, Dandiya Night, Sakranti-Kite celebration, Ugadi celebration, Ganesh Chaturthi celebration etc are few among regional festivals that we celebrate here to ensure no individual from any region feels left out. This campus offers rich culture from all parts of India and so calling it Mini India won't be an over-rated statement.

Apart from celebrations, different cultural clubs ensures talent in Dance, Music, and Dramatics etc. is nurtured and showcased via different cultural events. Well, to add to it we also have official hostel activities under Samagam. Samagam organizes various indoor gaming events and inter hostel events to keep your Hostel life interesting.

Being an IIT, it needs to be technically sound. Various technical clubs and Centre for Innovation provides a well-planned environment for developing the technical part of the students. A series of competition throughout the year organized by the clubs of Science and Technology keeps the students hungry for innovations.

One of the most important part of the college: Seniors. Having a healthy interaction with seniors is as important as having one with your batchmates, still as freshers we all have that feeling of nervousness about ragging. For your relief, IIT Ropar has a ragging-free campus. We have a very healthy form of interaction system with seniors in form of intros, where they just have some "fun" with their juniors mainly aimed at helping them to open up themselves. This kind of interactions helps students to overcome the hesitation of approaching a senior for the help and keeps the campus united as a family.

The days spent here will be memories for life. The resources here are more than enough to spend unforgettable times. We wholeheartedly welcome you to be a part of IIT Ropar family. Wishing you luck and hoping for your fun-filled stay at IIT Ropar.

- Manya Dave (2016 Batch Electrical Engineering)