Started just with a blood helpline, BloodConnect has grown exponentially and now provides a 360-degree solution to the problem of blood shortage in our country. It is a youth led initiative which was started in 2010 as a project under NSS IIT Delhi and has now spread across the entire country. To contribute to this noble initiative, IIT Ropar has it’s own BloodConnect team, which was formed years back

The BloodConnect team of IIT Ropar is quite zealous. It organizes at least one blood donation camp every year. Every year, numerous donors from and around the campus participate in the blood camps and contribute to the cause of BloodConnect. This year, BloodConnect got an impressive 150 donations from donors who later shared their feelings of satisfaction for having contributed to the pressing social cause.

Also, the team organizes a social awareness drive in accordance with the social campaign of the cultural festival of IIT Ropar, Zeitgeist. In this drive, they explain the importance of blood donation to people living outside of the campus and clear various misconceptions that people have regarding blood donations, assuring them that it is completely safe.

BloodConnect, IIT Ropar is easily one of the most dynamic organizations of our college which addresses a social cause and it will continue to be as much enterprising even in the future.