Debating Society

To speak and to speak well, are two things.
A fool may talk, but a wise man speaks."

Debating Club, IIT Ropar, named as DebSoc, which comes under Board Of Literary Affairs(BOLA) is an active interest group which aims to promote the culture of debating in the institute and provides a platform to bring all the debaters together. This club presents a plethora of opportunities inside as well as outside the campus to its members through intra college and inter college competitions and events. Join in as a beginner and learn the various facets and nuances of structured argumentation in parliamentary debating.

All of us argue throughout our lives, but only some have the art of winning arguments and that art can be learnt through debating. During the process, students also get to polish their communication skills and gain self-confidence.

University-level competitive debates have two preeminent formats - the 3v3 Asian Parliamentary Debate, and the British Parliamentary Debate. Participating at many high quality tournaments is regarded as the way to excel, and members are supported by the club for things like getting permissions from administration, and reimbursement of expenses. The debaters of IIT Ropar brought glory to the institute by securing 2nd Position at Dr. D.R Memorial National British Parliamentary Debate Competition twice, in 2017 and 2018, and went into the semis twice.

DebSoc creates a great platform ideal and conducive to learn from each other and from their own mistakes! So guys buckle up, clear your throats, because the podium is open, an issue waiting to be discussed and a voice waiting to be heard.