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  • Get in touch with your seniors asap as they will be a handy source to guide you well for the next 4 years here at IIT Ropar.
  • Hostel rooms will be allotted on first come first serve basis.

  • Hostels are well equipped with LAN and Wi-Fi. You will not be able to access them immediately but you can, in a day or two after you get user id and password from IT section at IIT Ropar.

  • Register yourself with library as early as possible as it will be the sole source for your initial study.

  • Get your bonafide certificates from the academic section on first or very next day as it will help you to get a new mobile connection and a bank account at IIT Ropar branch of SBI.

  • Get yourself an account at SBI branch IIT Ropar asap, as it will be the only account you can handle easily and easily access from the campus itself for your stay in campus.

  • Get in touch with your seniors asap as they will be a handy source to guide you well for remaining rest of your 4 years.


  • Class X certificate and mark sheet (Original and 1 attested copy).

  • Class XII certificate and mark sheet (Original and 1 attested copy).

  • If your DOB is not mentioned in Class X certificate, then bring a proof of DOB.

  • Caste Certificate (if applicable)

  • JEE Branch and institute allotment letter, admit card.

  • 10 passport-sized coloured photos (though you must carry more, that you’ll need round the year.)

  • 5 stamp-sized coloured photos.

  • Receipt of payment with JEE and Hostel Fee Challan.

  • Medical Certificate.(attested by a registered medical officer)

  • If applicable, bring an affidavit for gap of study.

  • If applying for a scholarship, bring an affidavit/certificate of income of parents duly attested by first class magistrate/Tehsildar/Revenue Officer. If parents are govt. employee submit copies of IT Returns from employer also.


  • 2 cafeteria inside the campus generally open from 8 in the morning to 12 in the night. Also, there is a Juice Corner in Utility Block.

  • Functional geysers are present and are operative 24 hours.

  • Also, having access to a laptop at such an early stage leads to students neglecting their studies more, it's just a general experience!!!

  • Laundry services are available within the hostels. You just have to give Rs15 for 10 clothes and you are done. Giving your own detergent is optional.

  • 1 stationary shop inside campus. Geysers are available inside the hostels 24 hrs. Believe it most of us use only once a week in winters.

  • In initial stages laptop will not be necessary as you will be having computer labs and that will be sufficient. Also, laptop at such a starting stage gets you neglect your study more…. it’s just a general experience!!!


  • For Registration, you would need the documents as per the list, and you will need to fill the forms mentioned in the same post, also you would be required to submit a medical report, also mentioned there.

  • Rooms are given at random on a first-come-first serve basis.

  • You also have LAN and Wi-Fi Facilities that you would be able to use in 5-7 days.

  • You would be provided an entry number in few days and you should also fill the Library form after that.

  • Get, if you don’t have, a SBI bank account here at IIT Ropar. We have a bank branch inside the campus and an ATM just outside.

  • Parents are not necessarily required to come but they don’t stay with you in your rooms, you would have to book rooms in hotels here.

  • Get your vaccines done.


One can reach IIT Ropar by different means.

On Road:
One can also travel by road on his own vehicle , the roads are quite well maintained .

By Air:
The nearest airport, is in Chandigarh, about 48 kilometres from Rupnagar. Any interested visitor wishing to come to Rupnagar/Ropar could take a flight from his/her respective place to Chandigarh if direct flight to Chandigarh is not available then a flight from Delhi to Chandigarh. There are regular running flights from the capital to Chandigarh. Further one can take a taxi or a bus which would take about 1.5 hours on the higher side to reach the Campus of Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (IIT Ropar).

By Train:
Train is one of the cheapest and comfortable means to travel. There are regular trains plying between Delhi and Rupnagar.The Delhi-Ambala-Una railway line passes through Rupnagar. The duration of the journey is around 6 hours from Delhi. Anyone wishing to visit the campus may also take a train from his/her place to Ambala or Chandigarh and then a taxi ride or one can board a bus to the IIT Ropar campus just takes around 1-1.5 hours. Daily trains between Delhi and Roopnagar(ROPAR)..

Delhi To Ropar
Train Number Train Name Departure From Delhi Arrival at Ropar
12057 Jan Shatabdi 14:35 (New Delhi) 20:22
14553 Himachal Express 22:55 (Old Delhi) 05:16

Ropar To Delhi
Train Number Train Name Departure From Ropar Arrival at Delhi
12058 Jan Shatabdi 06:26 12:00 (New Delhi)
14553 Himachal Express 22:55 05:30 (Old Delhi)

From all over India there are multiple trains to Chandigarh (56 kms from IIT Ropar) and Ambala (80 kms from IIT Ropar). Ropar railway station is around 8 KM from IIT Ropar campus. There will be a campus bus available on railways station to IIT Ropar from time to time.

By Bus

From Delhi:
All buses going towards: Mandi, Manali, Nangal, Una, Anandpur Sahib go via Ropar.

From Chandigarh:
In addition to Mandi, Manali, Una buses, all buses going towards Amritsar, Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur go via Ropar.

Ropar bus stand is around 7 KM from IIT Ropar. It is better to get down at old bus stand of Ropar as it slightly nearer. From there one can go for a cycle-rickshaw or auto are easily available.
One can also travel by road on his own vehicle the roads are quite good.
Hoping to see you soon ☺ !!!!


Necessary Things to buy for hostels

  • Scientific Calculator – fx 991 ES (preferably) or Fx 991-MS. You will require this more than your books for next four years. So, it is better to buy it from home only.

  • A well-conditioned medium size college bag. Forget about all the movie stuffs you will have to carry much more here. In later stages laptop will be the thing you will be carrying the most after Bedsheets.

  • But no special need of buying daily stuff like bucket, mug and mattresses from home as they will be available to buy inside the campus on the day of registration. Also, it is good to buy from there only.

  • Some locks and keys as you will have to lock your luggage on the first day as it will be very busy. After that it will be ok …..


This institute has a lot to offer for its students, in terms of academics, co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities. With the increased opportunities, often come related problems like stress, anxiety or depression. On face value, these problems might seem trivial, but they end up affecting us in a negative manner. Hence, we should reach out for help. There is nothing to lose.
IIT Ropar houses a great counselling cell consisting of excellent counsellers. Here is an attached PDF for details about IIT Ropar's Counselling cell.


Mentoring Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is designed to establish a set of guidelines to create a benchmark for ethics and good practice and ensure that mentors conduct their practice in a professional yet, friendly and ethical manner. The code is also meant to inform mentees, and to promote public confidence in the Institute Student Mentorship Program (ISMP) as a process for personal and professional development.

Code of Conduct

  • Commit to the relationship and the ISMP for one full academic year.

  • Attend and actively participate in all mentoring training and special events, and in the long run suggest and execute any idea relevant to the ISMP.

  • Trust and confidentiality are backbone of successful mentoring and must be maintained at all times. Be careful about sensitive issues. A mentee’s personal life may be difficult to discuss early in the relationship.

  • Should abide to all rules set up by the Proctorial Committee during the initial interaction and period. All meetings with freshers should happen in open and visible regions and not in any closed rooms.

  • No illegal drugs / alcohol / tobacco should be promoted or consumed within the mentorship activities / meetings.

  • Never use physical discipline / abusive language / ultimatums as a tool for putting your point across. Any instance of ragging during mentorship activities is strictly forbidden and will be reported to concerned authorities.

  • Failure to comply or an outright violation of any of the above may lead to termination from the ISMP for all purposes.