Library Services

Circulation Services – FAQs

Library, IIT Ropar provides access to high quality print and electronic resources and offers best quality services. Circulation is a major service in the library that includes issue/return, renewal of books, shelving and shelf rectification of books. Circulation staff will help the new users in familiarizing the use of library such as making memberships, locating items in stack area, placing reservation, guidance to use the OPAC, authenticating library online account and other related issues.

Circulation Policies

Circulation services are governed by certain rules which are formulated by the library and these are mentioned under the following FAQs.

How I will get the Library Membership?

All registered students, faculty and staff of the institute are entitled for library membership. The library membership form is available at the circulation counter. Please submit the filled form along with the softcopy of the JPG photograph. You may mail photograph to

After submitting membership form with the photograph, you will be issued a smart card from the library. Carrying of smart card is must while using the library. Smart card is strictly non-transferable. In case of loss/theft of smart card, you should report immediately at circulation counter. Duplicate smart card will be issued on the production of FIR and Rs.300.00 will be charged for duplicate card.

Who Can borrow What?

Member Category

Issue Privileges



(Including Visiting/ Guest)

12 Books

One Semester

Staff/Project Staff

04 Books

One Semester

Ph. D. Scholars

06 Books

4 Weeks

PG Students (M.Tech., M.Sc., MS Research)

05 Books

2 Weeks

UG Students

03 Books

01 Book (From Book Bank)

2 Weeks

One Semester

What is my overdue fine?

First week after the due date: Rs.2.00 per day after that fine amount will be doubled every week (Rs.4.00, 8.00,16.00). After 4 weeks if the member does not return/renew the book, library membership will be automatically deactivated and imposing of the fine will be continued.

Who Can Issue a Reference Book?

Faculty can get issued a reference book for a semester and research scholar for one week.

Do I get E- mail notification for my Transactions?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail notification for your transactions of issue/return/renew.

Do I get Overdue Reminder?

Yes, you will be intimated with e-mail notification for your overdue materials. In that case, you need to return/renew the books to avoid heavy fines.

Can I Renew my book?

You can renew the books if there are no reservations on them. The borrower has to bring the book physically to the library and can be renewed through self-service Kiosk and also on staff station. Faculty members and Research scholars can renew the reference books on staff station only.

How I Can make Reservation?

You can reserve those books which are already issued. Reserved books will be put on hold for two days then it will go to the next reserver. The returned books which are on reservations are made available on shelf.

What do I do for the Loss of Book?

You need to inform at Circulation Counter immediately after the loss of book. You will be given two weeks time to replace the same copy of a new book along with the payment of overdue fines if any. If the book is not available in the market for purchase, you are required to pay the double price of the actual price of the book along with the fine accumulated.

Does the Library Recall a book?

Library staff may recall the book at any time before the due date in the case of emergency.

Can I get books for vacations (Winter/Summer)?

You can borrow two books for the vacation period. The issue of the book will start one week before the vacation and due date will be the first working day of every semester.

Are Personal Books/Laptops allowed?

You are allowed to bring your personal books, other reading materials, and laptops inside the library. Users have to show these item(s) to the security guard at the entrance and have to make entries in the system which is available near the entrance of the library.

What are the Timings to Issue/Return books?

On Self service Kiosk – 24/7 on all 365 days of the year. On Staff Station – 9:00 am to 5:30 pm on all official working hours of the institute.

Photocopying & Printing Facilities

What is the timing of Photocopying in the library?

2:00 PM to 10:00 PM on all working days.

What are the timings of Printing copies in the library?

9:00 AM to 5:30 PM on all working days.

How much do copies cost?

Rs. 1/- per page (one side) for Photocopy and Print Charges.

Is there any copyright restriction for Photocopying and printing?

All the users of library resources of IIT Ropar must adhere to copyright laws of publishers and consortia. No copyrighted work may be copied, published, disseminated, displayed, performed, without permission of the copyright holder except in accordance with fair use or licensed agreement. This includes DVDs/CDs and other copyrighted material. IIT Ropar may terminate the online access of users who are found to have infringed copyright.