Print Resources

Print Resources: 

1. Actuary (The) (12/Y)

   Institute of Actuaries of India, Mumbai, IN

2. Advances in Vibration Engineering (4/Y)

   Vibration Institute of India, IN

   ISSN: 0972-5768

3. Ajit (Punjabi Daily)

   Ajit Ltd. Jalandhar, IN

4. Auto India (12/Y)

   Auto India, Mumbai, IN

5. Automotive Engineering International (12/Y)

   Automotive Engineering International, America

   ISSN: 1543-849x)

6. Current Science (24/Y)

   Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, IN

   ISSN: 0011-3891

7. Data Quest (24/Y)

   Cyber Media, Gurgaon, IN

   ISSN: 1000-1472

8.  Economic Times (Daily)

    Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.,Chandigarh,IN

9.  Economist (The) (52/Y)

    The Economist , London, UK

10. Electronics for You (12/Y)

      EFY Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, IN

      ISSN: 0013-516X

11. Employment News (52/Y)

      Employment News, Delhi, IN

12. Hindu (Daily)

      The Hindu Ltd., Delhi, IN

      ISSN: 0971-751X

13. Hindustan Times (Daily)

      Hindustan Times Limited, Chandigarh, IN

14. ICTACT Journal on Communication Technology

      ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu, Chennai,IN

15. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
      American Psychological Association
      ISSN: 0096-3445

16. Modern Fiction Studies
      The Johns Hopkins University Press
      ISSN: 0026-7724

17. NARI Bulletin (3/Y)

      Indian Council of Medical Research, Pune, IN

18. National Geographic (12/Y)

      National Geographic Society, Washington DC, US

      ISSN: 0027-9358

19. Newsweek (52/Y)

      Newsweek Inc., New York, US

      ISSN: 0028-9604

20. PC Quest (12/Y)

      Cyber Media (India) Ltd., New Delhi, IN

21. Reader’s Digest (12/Y)

      Living Media, New Delhi, IN

22. Sikh Review, (12/Y)

      Sikh Culture Centre, Kolkatta, IN

      ISSN: 0037-5123

23. Time (52/Y)

      Time Inc., NY, US

      ISSN: 0040-781X

24. Times of India (Daily)

      Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., Chandigarh, IN

25. Vision and Quest (2/Y)

      ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad, IN

      ISSN: 0975-8410