Dr. Priya Ghatwai

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Room 315, Satish Dhawan Block
Phone: +91-1881-230207


Visiting Faculty


Metallurgical & Materials Engineering


Ph.D. (Materials Science & Engineering), University of Virginia, 2015

M.S. (Materials Science & Engineering), University of Virginia, 2011

B.Tech. (Metallurgical & Materials Engineering), Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, 2008

Work Experience: 

DST WOS-C Scheme: Intellectual Property Rights, 2017-18

Selected Publications/Patents: 

Ghatwai, P., Vetter, E., Hrdy, M., Soffa, W.A., Floro, J.A.; Evolution of microstructure and magnetic properties in Co-Pt alloys bracketing the eutectoid composition. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 375, 2015, 87.

Eric P. Vetter, Priya Ghatwai, William A. Soffa, and Jerrold A. Floro; Evolution of First-Order Reversal Curves During Self-Assembly of the Co40.2Pt59.8 Nano-Chessboard Structure. IEEE Magnetics Letters, 6, 2015, 6600104.

Eric P. Vetter, Liwei Geng, Priya Ghatwai, Dustin A. Gilbert, Yongmei Jin, William A. Soffa and Jerrold A. Floro; Lengthscale effects on exchange coupling in Co-Pt L10 + L12 nanochessboards. APL Materials, 4, 2016, 096103.