Nano Electronics Lab

Nanoelectronics Research Laborartory 

The Nanoelectronics Research Lab (NRL), housed in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, was established in 2013. The main research focus is on design and optimization of nanoscale devices, circuits and interconnects for next generation ICs. This includes, graphene-based nano devices and interconnects, ultra-low loss interconnect pathways, and development of post-CMOS technologies. The lab has been setup using the start-up grants of the institute as well the Department of Science and Technology. Our faculty collaborators include the Interconnect Focus Center at Georgia Tech., Atlanta; Design Automation Lab at Seoul National University, Seoul; and the Department of ECE at IIT Roorkee. Currently, the lab has 3 Ph. D. students and 1 project staff. Additionally, final year B. Tech. students, working on their projects, use the lab facilities.
Photo: Prof. M. K. Surappa, Director, IIT Ropar visiting the NRL in January 2014