The Ohio eminent scholar Prof. Bharat Bhushan conducted GIAN course on Bio and Nanotechnology and Biomimetics

Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr. Rakesh Das


Dr. Rakesh Das is currently working as a National Post Doctoral Fellow in the SMMEE, IIT Ropar. Before joining here, he was working as a Senior Research Fellow (funded by CSIR, GOI) in the Department of Polymer Science and Technology, University of Calcutta, Kolkata. He was worked on the Ph.D. thesis entitled “Development Of Elastomers From Linseed Oil And Vibration Damping Characterization Through A Fabricated Machine”. In this work, he analyzed vibration damping, shape memory, mechanical, nano-mechanical, dynamic mechanical and microstructures of engineering elastomers and nanocomposites synthesized from linseed oil. His current research interests are mechanical and dynamic mechanical properties of natural structures, soft tissues, bones and also Bionic Engineering, especially dynamics and vibration damping of flying insect.

Dr. Jeevan Jyoti


Dr. Jeevan Jyoti is currently working as a National Post-Doctoral Fellow in the SMMEE, IIT Ropar. She completed her PhD from National Physical Laboratory (CSIR), New Delhi. She worked on large scale synthesis of carbon nanostructures (MWCNTs, RGO and GCNTs) and their advanced nanocomposites for structural applications, body armor materials and efficient EMI shielding materials. She has significantly contributed in creating a facility for large scale synthesis of multiwalled carbon nanotubes using catalytic chemical vapor deposition and developed variety of CNT based composites of significant improved physical and chemical properties. She has also carried out exhaustive studies on mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of MWCNTs reduce graphene oxide and graphene based polymer composites.