Last date for applying online in all branches except Mechanical Engg.(PhD) is 11-04-2017, midnight (Extended due to technical issues on 10-04-2017), for Mechanical Engg.(PhD) last date is 15-04-2017.


 The External Registration Programme (PhD) at IIT Ropar provides opportunities to:

1.Individuals employed in R & D environment in scientific Institutions or Industries and

2.young Engineering / Science faculty members of all Engineering Colleges/Universities recognized by appropriate government agencies to pursue research degrees in Science/Engineering.   


Registration under this programme is now open in the following Departments/ Centers for the Session 2017-18 Semester-I (JULY 2017)

PhD in Engineering: CE, CSE, EE, ME, CBME, CMEE

PhD in Science:        Chemistry, HSS, Mathematics, Physics,


•In addition to possessing the academic qualifications mentioned in the respective departments/centers/units, an applicant should fulfill the following requirements also:

1. Professional Experience

•Should have completed full time employment of two years service as on 30th June 2017 in the current organization.

 2.  Organization/Institution

•Organisation/Institution must have atleast 5 years of its existence for sponsoring candidates to ERP programme. Only persons engaged in R & D work in Technical / Scientific Institutions/ Industries or R & D Establishments are eligible. The Organization should have adequate facilities for carrying out research.

3. Sponsorship/NOC 

•Unconditional sponsorship or NOC by the employer is essential. This sponsorship should be complete in all respects as per the Institute requirements and Sponsorship letter/NOC should be obtained at the time of Registration.  In the absence of this, the application will be rejected. 

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4. Research Supervisor from IIT Ropar

•The applicant should identify a Research Supervisor from the department/school concerned at the time of submitting the application itself.

 5 (a). Joint Research Supervisor/Coordinator

     (for candidates from R&D Organization/Industries)

 Candidate should identify a Joint Research Supervisor/Coordinator from the sponsoring organization (who must be a permanent staff member)

•Willing to supervise/coordinate the research work of the candidate

•Should be from the same establishment/laboratory in which the candidate is employed

 5 (b). Joint Research Supervisor/Coordinator

(for the faculty members from Educational Institutions)

•The applicant should identify a Joint Research Supervisor/Coordinator from the educational institution (who must be a permanent staff member)

•Willing to supervise/coordinate the research work of the candidate.

•Should be from the same establishment/laboratory in which the candidate is employed

 6. On Admission

•Candidate admitted to the programme must continue to remain in the same organization and place of work until the research work is completed.  If the candidate is transferred or joins a new organization before the submission of the thesis, he/she should get the approval from the new organization for continuation of the programme

7. Residence Requirements

•Candidate is required to spend a minimum of one semester at IIT Ropar right after admission (during course-work). Otherwise, the registration is liable to be cancelled. The courses to be taken by the candidate during this will be finalized by the Research Supervisor from IIT Ropar as per the academic requirements in force

8. Progress Report

•The candidate should submit a report of progress of work done through the research supervisors from IIT Ropar and the organisation at the end of every semester. If no report is received two times during the studentship, the registration will be terminated.  

9. Duration

•Maximum registration period of the programme will be one year in addition to regular PhD programme of IIT Ropar


10. Selection Procedure

•GATE or Equivalent Qualification is not required for admission.

•The short-listed eligible candidates will be called for written exam or interview or both 

•The final selection is based on the performance of the candidate in the written exam or interview or both.


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Last date for applying online: 10th April, 2017.