Sanjeev Singh Yadav

Research Scholar
Mechanical Engineering

Sanjeev Singh Yadav is a research scholar in the department of mechanical engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Ropar. He has completed B.E (Mechanical Engineering) in 2013 from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University Bhopal Madhya Pradesh and M.Tech (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) in 2015 from National Institute of Technology Warangal Telangana. He has total three years of teaching experience as Assistant Professor with ARMIET Thane Maharastra and BIET Jhansi Uttar Pradesh. His research area involves study on low cycle fatigue analysis and creep fatigue interaction of stainless steel. 

Areas of Research: 
Low cycle fatigue analysis of stainless steel
Creep fatigue interaction of stainless steel
M.Tech from NIT Warangal
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Samir Chandra Roy