Seminar in SMMEE:Thermal ablation of tumor using nanoparticle assisted LASER irradiation

Title: Thermal ablation of tumor using nanoparticle assisted LASER irradiation
Speaker: Prof. S. K. Das


Hyperthermia is a broad term where other assisting toxic agents like a chemotherapy drug is needed along with heating at temperature of 42-45OC for up to few hours for reliable damage of tumor cells. An alternative route of pure physical heating in prence of plasmonic nanoparticles is gaining importance. A finite element modeling of photo thermal tumor heating with intravenous as well as localized injection of gold nanorods is developed. In the model Pennes’ bio-heat transfer equation is applied to the compute the temperature evolution. The prediction was compared to surface temperature measured by infrared thermography. Understanding and optimizing hyperthermia treatment requires accurate measurement and control of temperature distribution. A numerical simulation is performed along with in-vitro experiments to understand temperature distribution and thermal lagging in tissue-mimics during laser irradiation. The experimental temperature distributions are compared with the computational modeling, considering Pennes’ bio-heat transfer based on classical Fourier model and the dual phase lag model with a new light attenuation theory. The large blood vessels (larger than 200 micron in diameter) present in the tumor site plays an important role in the transient temperature distribution of biological bodies subjected to the application of laser induced thermotherapy. The thermal effects of large blood vessels were predicted using finite element based simulation considering a uniform flow at the entrance by solving three-dimensional conjugate heat transfer equation in the perfused tissue region and the blood region simultaneously under laser heating. A volumetric heat source term based on Beer-Lambert law was introduced in the energy equation to taken care of laser heating. The heating pattern solely depends on the absorption and scattering coefficients of the tissue medium. The results show interesting features of immense therapeutic significance.

Location: L3
Date: 24-Dec-2012 (Mon)
Time: 12 noon - 1pm
Monday, 24 December, 2012 - 12:00