Dr. Chander Shekhar Sharma

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Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering
PhD, Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zurich
ME, Mechanical Engineering, IISc Bangalore
BE, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala
Work Experience: 
Assistant Professor, IIT Ropar June, 2018 to present
Senior Scientist and Lecturer, ETH Zurich, Sept, 2016 - May, 2018
Post-doctoral Researcher, ETH Zurich, Sept, 2014 - Aug, 2016
Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, ETH Zurich, Sept, 2010 - Aug, 2014
Lead Engineer, General Motors Technical Center India, Sept 2006 - Aug, 2010
Selected Publications/Patents: 
In reverse chronological order:
01) T. Tian, C.S. Sharma, N. Ahuja, M. Varga, R. Selvakumar, Y.T. Lee, Y.C. Chiu, C.J. Shih,"An Elastic Interfacial Transistor Enabled by Superhydrophobicity", Small, 2018
02) A. Milionis, C.S. Sharma, R. Hopf, M. Uggowitzer, I.S. Bayer, D. Poulikakos," Engineering Fully Organic and Biodegradable Superhydrophobic Materials", Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2018
03) C.S. Sharma*, C. Stamatopoulos*, R. Suter, P. R. Von Rohr, D. Poulikakos, "Rationally 3D-Textured Copper Surfaces for Laplace Pressure Imbalance-Induced Enhancement in Dropwise Condensation", ACS applied materials & interfaces 10(14), 2018, 29127-29135, 2018 (*equal contribution)
04) C.S. Sharma, J. Combe, M. Giger, T. Emmerich, D. Poulikakos. “Growth Rates and Spontaneous Navigation of Condensate Droplets Through Randomly Structured Textures”. ACS Nano, 11(2), 2017, 1673-1682
05) G. Hong, Y. Han, T. M. Schutzius, Y. Wang, Y. Pan, M. Hu, J. Jie, C. S. Sharma, U. Müller, D. Poulikakos. “On the Mechanism of Hydrophilicity of Graphene”. Nano letters 16, 2016, 4447-4453
06) C. S. Sharma, G. Schlottig, T. Brunschwiler, M. K. Tiwari, B. Michel and D. Poulikakos . “A Novel Method of Energy Efficient Hotspot-targeted Embedded Liquid Cooling for Electronics: An experimental study”. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 88, 2015, 684-694
07) C. S. Sharma, M. K. Tiwari, S. Zimmermann, T. Brunchwiler, G. Schlottig, B. Michel, D. Poulikakos, “Energy Efficient Hotspot-targeted Embedded Liquid Cooling of Electronics”. Applied Energy 138, 2015, 414-422
08) C. S. Sharma, M. K. Tiwari, B. Michel, D. Poulikakos, “Thermofluidics and Energetics of a Manifold Microchannel Heat Sink for Electronics with Recovered Hot Water as Working Fluid”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 58, 2013, 135-151
09) C. S. Sharma, S. Zimmermann, M. K. Tiwari, B. Michel, D. Poulikakos, “Optimal Thermal Operation of Liquid-cooled Electronic Chips”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 55, 2012, 1957–1969
10) K. Ramanathan, C. S. Sharma, C. H. Kim, “Global Kinetics for Ammonia Formation and Oxidation Reactions in a Commercial Three-Way Catalyst”, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 51(3), 2012, 1198-1208
11) B. V. V. S. U. Prasad, C. S. Sharma, T. N. C. Anand, R. V. Ravikrishna, ”High Swirl-inducing Piston Bowls in Small Diesel Engines for Emission Reduction”, Applied Energy 88, 2011, 2355-2367
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