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Dr. Navin Kumar is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Ropar. Prior to joining IIT Ropar, he was working as a Research Scientist at Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersy, USA. He has completed masters in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur and Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering) from IIT Delhi.  Dr. Navin Kumar's research interests are related to both theoretical and experimental aspects of mechanics and dynamics of nano, biological and bio materials and structures, Bone Properties Characterization, Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics, Biomedical Instrumentation, smart structures and materials, fault diagnosis and condition monitoring. In particular he is interested in the areas, Biomaterial Characterization. Experimental and simulation of nano and bio materials and structures, active vibration control and fault diagnosis.
Areas of Research: 

Vibration control, Noise control, Active vibration isolation in MEMS devices, Fault diagnostics and condition-monitoring.

Biomechanics, Finite element modeling, Biomedical Instrumentation and Bioimplants


Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering), Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India

M.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering), Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India

B.Tech (Hons) (Mechanical Engineering), Aligarh Muslim University, India

Work Experience: 

Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, December 2015- Present

Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India, January 2010- December 2015

Research Scientist, Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, USA, January 2007-December 2009

Engineer (Good Year Ltd) 1997-1998.

Selected Publications/Patents: 

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2. M. K. Dounkal, R. K. Bhan, N. Kumar, Effects of various loading on the performance of MEMS cantilever beam for in-field tuning of sensors and actuators for high temperature and harsh environment applications, Microsystem Technologies, 2019

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Administrative responsibilities /Services

·         Member IIT Ropar Senate (2014-2018)

·         HOD (March 2015 - May 2018)

·         Coordinator (PG program) IIT Ropar (2014-2015)

·         Faculty-In charge -Student Activity Centre (SAC) that consists of Institute Gymnasium, Music Club, Dance Club, Fine art club, IIT Ropar ( 2010-2015).

·         Program officer- NCC, IIT Ropar, 2010-2018.

·         Program officer- NSS, IIT Ropar, 2010-2018.

·         Chairman, Institute Transport committee (2013-2014).

·         Faculty member IIT Ropar student alumni association.

·         Faculty advisor Institute student magazine (The Horizon).

·         Member of several institute and departmental committees.

·         Departmental representative in Research Program Evaluation Committee (RPEC) (2012-2014).

·         Faculty adviser of Institute SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) team.

Laboratories Setup

 Setup following laboratory in IIT Ropar independently

·         Control laboratory (UG Lab)

·         Machine Design laboratory (UG Lab)

·         Noise and Vibration laboratory (UG and Research Lab)

·         Bio and Nano Mechanical Characterization laboratory (Research Lab)

·         Biomedical Engineering Laboratory (UG and Research Lab)

Personal Webpage

Lab Webpages:

Bio-Nano Mechanical Characterisation

Vibrations and Acoustics Lab

Control System Lab

Machine Design Lab

International Collaborations

USA: Stevens Institute of Technology NJ, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI

UK: Durham University, University of Aston, University of Glasgow