Student Services

To enhance the students’ confidence, leadership qualities, attitude, management, communicative and creative skills, the institute insists on electing student representatives as members of various councils. In keeping with the tradition of IITs, this initiative also provides the student community with an opportunity to exercise their autonomy in a responsible manner.

To effect this, the Founding Charter of the institute recognizes the following secretaries who are elected by the student community: a secretary each for cultural, sports, maintenance, and mess-related activities and a general secretary to coordinate and lead various activities initiated by students. Each of these secretaries works in coordination with a set of students to initiate and manage activities in that specific domain. The institute also allocates adequate funds for supporting activities that are initiated by the student secretaries.

The students, in order to pursue their interests in a variety of domains, have formed the following societies: Society for Publication and Communication Skills Development, Music Society, Dance Society, Dramatics Society, Society for Literary Activities, and Computer Games Society.