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Reaction Induced Interfacial Instability of Miscible Fluids in a Channel

Numerically it is shown that if the viscosity ratio of the product and reactant fluids becomes greater than a critical value, then the flow directed Kelvin Helmholtz (K-H) Roll ups occur at the A-C interface. Further the onset dynamics of K-H instability and how the presence of such K-H Roll ups enhances the mixing, are analyzed by varying the controlling parameters.

Coupled effect of viscous and gravitational fingering

Linear and nonlinear dynamics of viscous and gravitational fingering in porous media are studied. We show that a gradient in the dynamic viscosity reduces the instability of gravitational fingering. On the other hand, the consequence of density gradient adds up to the viscous fingering instability. We also show that the displacement velocity has no influence on the gravitational fingering in viscosity-matched fluids. Rigorous numerical simulations reveal that depending on the viscosity and density contrasts, and the displacement velocity, a finite slice can feature six different instability modes. We observe viscous fingers induce gravitational fingers and vice-versa, and also a stable displacement. (Read more) (Read more)

Adsorbed Solute Dynamics

Our basic goal is to analyze the effect of hydrodynamic instability in separation dynamics. The VF phenomena has a significant effect on the separation of components in liquid hydrodynamic instability. The separation phenomena is based on the retention of the solute on the porous matrix which get affected by the fingering instability. We mathematically model this phenomena to better understand the flow separation dynamics. (Read more)

Viscous Fingering Dynamics

Miscible viscous fingering (VF) instability is one of the fundamental hydrodynamic instabilities (Saffman-Taylor instability) having various industrial and biological applications. Few of them favours VF, whereas others require stabilization of the VF instability. One such way of stabilization is to creat steep concentration gradient giving rise to Korteweg stress. Here we look how such stress controls the VF instability and to use it as a control parameter. (Read more)

Nonnormality and Transient Growth of the Perturbations

The nonnormality and transient growth of the perturbations are investigated in the context of miscible viscous fingering in porous media. Nonmmodal stability analysis is performed based on the matrizant or propagator matrix method to determine the optimal perturbations. The obtained results capture the physics of the problem more appropriately. Our obtained results are in accordance with direct numerical simulations. (Read more)

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