Message from the Dean

Prof. Harpreet Singh
Room No. : 114
Contact No. 01881-242313
Designation: Dean, ICSR&II

Active association with Industry and other research institutions and funding agencies is one of the most desirable metrics for an engineering institute. Outgoing engineers and the faculty of the engineering institutes are to solve the problems of industry and the Nation at large, so as to deliver quality products/services to the society at economical prices. Realizing this from its very inception, our institute’s policy is to develop an eco-system for Sponsored Research, Industrial Consultancy and Industrial Interaction (ICSR&II), which can provide equal and fruitful opportunities for the stakeholders from industry, research organisations and educational partners. To realize this bigger goal, the institute has set-up a dedicated Dean office in the name of Sponsored Research, Industrial Consultancy and Industrial Interaction.

This office is striving around the clock to establish strong and sustainable relations with Industry, in addition to catering the administrative needs of the faculty involved in Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy. Several new initiatives have been taken recently which include, Industry-Institute Conclaves, joint projects with industry, reduced rate of overheads for consultancy projects, institutional support for industrial projects, industrial lecture series, and membership of several agencies such as CII, PHD Chambers of Commerce, FICCI and many industrial clusters. The institute has also constituted a Council of Industrial Associates (CIA) of IIT Ropar, with membership from several interested industries, which is assisting this office in planning and executing various joint activities to foster sound, fruitful and sustainable industry-institute relations for the benefit of its stakeholders.

Centre for Career Development and Corporate Relations (CDCRC) has been established in the institute, which has separate headships for training & placement, corporate relations and professional development. Technology Business Incubator (TBI) has also been established in the institute so that more start-ups can be hosted, in addition to the ones already existing in the institute. Not only this, the institute is now open to offer incubation space to the existing industry for new product design or to establish joint Industry- Institute centres of excellence in the given areas. The institute has also put-in-place a very supportive entrepreneurship policy for its employees.

I am happy that several industries, research organisations, students and faculty of the institute are showing lots of enthusiasm to contribute to the sponsored research, industrial consultancy, business incubation and industrial relations. Finally I invite the interested industry and related organisations to come forward and join hands with the institute so that the expertise and the facilities of this premier institute can be utilized to solve the industrial/social problems to realize the dreams of “Make-in-India”, “Start-up India- Stand-up India” and “Skill India”.

(Harpreet Singh)