About the Department

The Department offers core and elective courses in Economics, English, Linguistics, Management, and Philosophy across various undergraduate streams. It is a constant endeavor of the department to offer such courses in Humanities and Social Sciences that acquaints technical students with the basics of the study of human behavior and society. The Department promotes doctoral programme and research work. The department possesses well-equipped Language Laboratory and a Language & Cognition Lab. The department has state- of- the- art infrastructure with a modern database such as Prowess, States of India, et al. that enables UG and PG students to access the latest macro and micro level data for research. Further, the department provides research publications database such as EBSCO, Science Direct, T&F, Springer, etc. so that the students can stay abreast with latest research happenings around the globe and contribute to the contemporary body of literature in their respective fields. Dedicated faculty members of the department make the environment conducive to a rich academic output. It is the sincere aim of the department to equip the students with skills, knowledge, and values that will help them turn into successful and upright personalities. It works in sync with the technical education provided to the students.

A visible transition is taking place at IIT Ropar with respect to infrastructure and shifting to a new campus. However, another transformational change is taking place in terms of implementing a new curriculum for the B.Tech student from 2017 onwards. In this new curriculum, high emphasis is put on Humanities and Social Sciences department wherein many courses have been shifted from an earlier status of elective courses to core courses. Thus, at IIT Ropar, we have recognized the importance of equipping students with not only a hardcore technical knowledge of engineering but also giving a considerable amount of exposure to humanities and social sciences courses that deal with broader socio-economic challenges and humane concerns that reflect and inspire social change.