About us

Broadly speaking, we work in the area of Applied and Contemporary Software Engineering (ACSE), with a focus on automation of software engineering tasks. We are interested in finding ways to build better software with minimal human effort. The problems that we are currently working on include:

  • Use/extend NLP techniques to extract useful knowledge for software engineering.
  • Use/extend AI techniques for solving software engineering problems.
  • Examine contemporary computing platforms from software engineering perspective, and develop knowledge models for use in software architectural design.
  • Automation of software development and engineering tasks.

Balwinder Sodhi (Member)
Ritu Kapur (Grad student)
Developing knowledge extraction techniques and applications of AI to automate software design and development tasks.
Shipra Sharma (Grad student)
Works in automated software engineering area. Developing knowledge representation and reasoning models for application in software architecture tasks.

Drop us a line in case you would like to join our team. We are looking for people who can write good code and also know how the code works :-)

  • Balwinder Sodhi, Shipra Sharma: Using StackOverflow content to assist in code review. CoRR abs/1803.05689
  • Balwinder Sodhi: Quality Attributes on Quantum Computing Platforms. CoRR abs/1803.07407
  • Ritu Kapur, Balwinder Sodhi: Estimating defectiveness of source code: A predictive model using GitHub content. CoRR abs/1803.07764
  • Shipra Sharma, Balwinder Sodhi: SEAT: A Taxonomy to Characterize Automation in Software Engineering. CoRR abs/1803.09536
  • Shipra Sharma, Balwinder Sodhi: APR: architectural pattern recommender. SAC 2017: 1225-1230 CoRR abs/1803.08666
  • Shipra Sharma, Balwinder Sodhi: SDDNet: A Semantic Network for Software Design and Development Domain Via Graph Database. ICCS 2016: 80-88 PDF
  • Balwinder Sodhi: Using Dropped Call as an Authentication Factor. CIT/IUCC/DASC/PICom 2015: 2031-2035 PDF
  • Balwinder Sodhi: Transferring Data via Dropped Calls. WICON 2014: 229-234 PDF
  • Ashish Agrawal, Balwinder Sodhi, T. V. Prabhakar: A multi-dimensional measure for intrusion: the intrusiveness quality attribute. QoSA 2013: 63-68 PDF

  • Balwinder Sodhi, T. V. Prabhakar: Cloud Platforms: Impact on Guest Application Quality Attributes. APSCC 2012: 329-334 PDF
  • Balwinder Sodhi, T. V. Prabhakar: Assessing Platform Suitability for Achieving Quality in Guest Applications. APSEC 2012: 760-765 PDF
  • Ashish Agrawal, Balwinder Sodhi, T. V. Prabhakar: Lift - A mechanism for composing virtual app-clusters from heterogeneous apps. CTS 2012: 211-217 PDF
  • Balwinder Sodhi, T. V. Prabhakar: Performance Characteristics of Virtualized Platforms from Applications Perspective. Globe 2012: 62-74
  • Balwinder Sodhi, T. V. Prabhakar: Cloud-Oriented Platforms: Bearing on Application Architecture and Design Patterns. SERVICES 2012: 278-284 PDF
  • Balwinder Sodhi, T. V. Prabhakar: Examining the Impact of Platform Properties on Quality Attributes. CoRR abs/1205.4626 (2012)
  • Balwinder Sodhi, T. V. Prabhakar: A Simplified Description of Fuzzy TOPSIS. CoRR abs/1205.5098 (2012)
  • Balwinder Sodhi, T. V. Prabhakar: A Cloud Architecture Using Smart Nodes. APSCC 2011: 116-123 PDF
  • Balwinder Sodhi, T. V. Prabhakar: Application architecture considerations for cloud platforms. COMSNETS 2011: 1-4 PDF
  • Balwinder Sodhi, T. V. Prabhakar: A Design Pattern to Decouple Data from Markup. EC-Web 2011: 25-38
  • Balwinder Sodhi, T. V. Prabhakar: Assessing Suitability of Cloud Oriented Platforms for Application Development. WICSA 2011: 328-335 PDF

  • dcAUTH: A dropped/missed call based user authentication system. (http://www.dcauth.in/)
  • flipBRAIN: Learning Trails from popular open content on diverse topics. (http://www.flipbrain.in) GitHub
  • CodeQ: A system that performs code quality check on a given source file. It is an early implementation of our this work. We have deployed a development version at: http://code-q.appspot.com
  • dcAUTH: An app for remote monitoring of missed calls. On receiving a missed call it can securely invoke a remote service over HTTP passing details about the missed call. (Playstore)
More at GitHub (https://github.com/bsodhi)

Lecture slides
  1. Programming Quantum Computers (pdf)
  2. Cloud Computing - Motivation And Context (pdf)
  3. Cloud Platforms - Types And Properties (pdf)
  4. Software Architecture Issues On Cloud (pdf)

Topics In Virtualization and Cloud Computing (pdf e-Book)