The IITs are administered centrally by the IIT Council, an apex body established by the Government of India to co-ordinate activities of these Institutes. The Minister for Human Resource Development of the Government of India is the Chairman of the Council.
Each Institute of Technology has a Board of Governors responsible for its overall administration and control.
The administration of the institute is co-ordinated and managed by the Director (Prof. Sarit K. Das), who is assisted by the following officials,

1.      Dean Academics                                                                   - Prof. P. K. Raina
2.      Dean Faculty Affairs and Administration                               - Prof. Ramesh Garg
3.      Dean Sponsored Projects and Consultancy                         - Prof. Sanjoy Roy

Associate Deans:
1.      Associate Dean Academics (UG)                              - Dr. Himanshu Tyagi
2.      Associate Dean Academics (PG Courses)               - Dr. T. J. Dhilip Kumar
3.      Associate Dean Research                                          - Dr. Subhendu Sarkar
4.      Associate Dean Industrial Relations,
         International and Alumni Affairs                                  - Dr. Harpreet Singh 
5.      Associate Dean Student Affairs                                  - Dr. Prabal Banerjee
6.      Associate Dean Campus Development                     - Dr. Balwinder Singh Sodhi

1.     Prof. Javagal K. Sridhar

Head of Departments:
1.      Department of Computer Science & Engg.               - Dr. Nitin Auluck
2.      Department of Chemistry                                           - Dr. Rajendra Srivastava
3.      Department of Electrical Engg.                                  - Dr. J.S. Sahambi
4.      Department of HSS                                                    - Dr. Somdev Kar
5.      Department of Math                                                    - Dr. M. Prabhakar
6.      Department of Physics                                               - Dr. Shubhrangshu Dasgupta
7.      School of Mechanical, Materials & Energy
         Engineering                                                                  - Dr. Navin Kumar
8.      Centre for BioMedical Engg.                                       - Dr. Yashveer Singh

Chief Warden and Adviser Cultural:
1.      Chief Warden & Warden of Jupiter Hostel                  - Dr. Anupam Agrawal
2.      Adviser Cultural                                                           - Dr. Manoranjan Mishra

Organizational structure:

Organizational structure