Research areas  


Biomedical Imaging

  • Dr. Deepti Bathula’s  lab is working on on MRI imaging, Neuro-imaging and brain connectivity using image processing based on deep learning algorithms.
  • Dr. Ashish Sahani’s lab works on multiple aspects of ultrasound imaging and image processing.
  • Dr. Puneet Goyal’s lab is working on burns imaging, medical app development and assistive technologies for visually impaired.


Medical Devices


  • Dr. Ashish Sahani’s lab is actively engaged in development of medical devices and instrumentation spanning across wide number of medical specialties.
  • Dr. Navin Kumar’s lab is active in bone implants and biomechanical instrumentation.


Cancer Diagnostics and Therapy



  • Bioheat Transfer, Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy, Heat Transfer and Applied Thermal Engineering: Dr. Ramjee Repaka


  • Cellular Engineering in Tumor Microenvironment – Cell Based Therapy For Cancer: Dr. Durba Pal





  • Biomaterials, Biological/Biomaterial Characterization, Mechanics of Nanomaterials, Finite Element Modeling (FEM): Dr. Navin Kumar


  • Polymeric and peptide hydrogels/gels for drug delivery and wound healing: Dr. Yashveer Singh


Tissue Engineering


  • Adult stem cell plasticity; Cell based therapeutics in disease biology: Dr. Durba Pal


Immunology / Biomechanics / Molecular Spectroscopy


  • Immunology of infectious diseases, Vaccines, Gult microbiome: Dr. Javed N Agrewala



  • Molecular understanding of interfacial water structure and cause of cancer; Early cancer detection using vibrational spectroscopy:  Dr. Kailash Jena



Dr. Druba Pal


  • Exploring the role of hypoxymiR in CAF cells plasticity in the regulation of breast tumor angiogenesis (Women Excellence Award, SERB)


  • Role of microRNAs in obesity induced adipocyte reprogramming causing inflammation and insulin resistance (ECR, SERB)


  • Understanding the role of adipose tissue remodelling in exercise induced insulin sensitivity (DBT Twining Program 2017-2018, co-PI: Dr. Suman Dasgupta, Tejpur University) 


Dr. Javed N. Agrewala


  • J. C. Bose Award – 2018 (SERB)


  • Generation of promiscuous peptides entrapped nanoparticles displaying TLR-2 ligand to impart protective immunity againstMycobacterium tuberculosis (SERB, co-PI: Dr. V. Bhalla, Sr Scientist, IMTECH, Chandigarh)


Dr. Srivastava Naidu


  • Investigation of the functional roles of the RNA polymerase I transcription factor complex selectivity factor 1 by CRISPR/Cas9 assisted genome engineering (ECR, SERB)


  • An integrative transcriptomics approach to investigate the global gene expression trends in response to hyperactive RNA polymerase I transcription (DBT Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship)