At present, the center is offering a BTech (minor) in Biomedical Engineering to undergraduate students at the institute.




The main aim of this minor program is to expose engineering students to biomedical research at an early stage and to provide an opportunity to students to apply their skill sets, acquired during the studies of their major, to healthcare challenges. Another aim of this program is to enhance their employability in medical devices industry. In the beginning, only 15-20 students will be accepted to the program and this number will be increased in subsequent years, as necessary. The minor degree will be in addition to your major degree  in chemical engineering; civil engineering; computer science and engineering; electrical engineering; or mechanical engineering.




Students, who have completed two years in their major, are eligible to apply for BTech (minor) in Biomedical Engineering program, subject to a grade point of 6 or above on a 10 point scale.


Selection Process


Interested students can apply for the minor program on a specified application form and submit it to the CBME office in room 340 (next to the central library), a day prior to the date of registering courses for the next semester. Acceptance to the program will be based on grade points (in the order of their merit).


Program structure


Students will be required to successfully complete two core courses and two electives. Students will have the option to carry out undergraduate research project in place of an elective (6 lab hours per week) and register for electives floated for graduate students.


Year I Semester II Semester
III Core 1 Core 2
IV Elective 1 Elective 2


Core courses


1. MEL426/465: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (4 credits)


2. BML601: An Introduction to Human Physiology (3 credits)


Elective courses (choose 2)


1. BML451: Fundamentals of Biology for Engineers (4 credits)


2. MEL421/MEL460: Medical Devices and Equipment (4 credits)


3. CYL458: Biomaterials (4 credits)


4. MEL415/455: Biomechanics (4 credits)


5. CYL459: Biomedical Nanotechnology (3 credits)


BTech projects / Summer internships 


In addition to course work, the center provides strong support to undergraduate project work. If you are an undergraduate student (BTech) at this institute and interested in carrying out your project work in biomedical engineering, please contact the CBME office or the Head. The center will also host a limited number of summer interns from other institutes too.