Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering at IIT Ropar!

Here you will find general information about Chemical Engineering at IIT Ropar.

The Department of Chemical Engineering has been introduced by IIT Ropar from the academic year 2017-18. The newly established department is presently offering UG (B. Tech) and PG (Ph. D) programs. The department has dedicated faculty members in all the major areas of chemical engineering such as Fluid Mechanics, Transport Phenomena, Thermodynamics, Catalysis, and Chemical Reaction Engineering.In addition to the conventional core courses, the department will offer advanced courses such as Computational Fluid Dynamics, Engineering Application of Rheology, Heterogeneous Catalysis and Chemical Reactor Design etc. Currently, the department is functioned by nine active faculty members, including one professor, one associate professor, six assistant professors and one inspired fellow.

The department is actively engaged in cutting-edge research in emerging areas of modern Chemical Engineering, drawing upon theoretical, computational and experimental methodologies that include Complex Fluid Mechanics, Transport Phenomena, Thermodynamics, Scientific Computing, Dynamics of Granular Materials, Catalysis, Reaction Kinetics and Modelling, Biomass Conversion Processes, Renewable Energy, and Biophysics.

The objective of the upcoming Ph.D programme is to provide students with the initial foundation, quality education and the state-of-the-art skills through effective teaching and research in order to become a leader in their professional career.

With the mission to provide in-depth research experience covering broad range of scales from the molecular to complex systems level, the major research activities of the department are going to be in Bio/Micro/Nano technologies to address the grand challenges facing society in Agro and Food Technologies, Energy and Environment Engineering and Soil Restoration Methods.

We look forward to seeing you in our Discipline!