Chemical Engineering @ IIT Ropar

Punjab is considered as the bread basket of India and the beacon of success for Green Revolution in India. This success came at a very high price. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides damaged the soil fertility and environment. Irresponsible use of ground water has substantially lowered the water table in Punjab. Not only the environment has got affected, but also the public health has been affected alarmingly. In today’s times, Punjab has the highest number of cancer patients.

Other than agriculture, Punjab also hosts large number of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, automobiles, fertilizers, textiles etc., which are growing at a very fast rate. These industries face a lot of major engineering challenges which need to be addressed for a sustainable growth.

With all these ever mounting problems at hand, the Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar has decided to address the issues with the new Chemical Engineering department. 

Major focus areas of the department are going to be in Bio/Micro/Nano technologies of:

a) Agro and Food Technologies,
b) Energy and Environment Engineering, and
c) Soil Restoration Methods.