Admissions to Ph. D. Program

Admissions to Ph. D. program in Chemistry is through entrance examination followed by interviews (should you qualify), which are conducted twice a year. To be eligible to attend the entrance examination, students must meet certain eligibility requirements. The details of eligibility criteria and access to online application form for admission to Ph. D. program in Chemistry is available at

Students are advised to visit "Research", "Facilities", and individual "Faculty" pages to acquaint themselves  of research activities of the department. The coordinator for PhD program in Chemistry is Dr. Avijit Goswami.


All Ph. D. students of chemistry department are required to successfully complete course work, as a requirement for their Ph. D. degree. All students, depending on their previous degree, are required to successfully complete a maximum of five courses (equivalent to 15 credits) or minimum of four courses (equivalent to 12 credits) to meet the course requirement of their Ph. D. degree. At the end of course work, students must clear a comprehensive examination (written and oral), which includes component from course work done and his/her research area.

Scholars need to take prior approval from concerned doctoral committee to register the courses. 

The list of courses floated is available in the following link:


Ordinances and Regulations

The scholars are requested to read the PhD Ordinances and Regulations: