Counselling Cell

Purpose: We all are making a quest to make our lives better. Anything that hampers our growth and subdues our purpose must not be ignored. As the development of a person is
holistic; the Counselling cell is an attempt to provide support and ensure the well being of our IITians community.

What we deal with: We deal with all types of emotional and behavioural problems or issues (such as difficulty in stress management, Academic anxiety, Feeling of inferiority, Low self confidence, Difficulty in mixing with others, Addiction - social networking sites, smoking, drugs etc., Relationship issues or any psychological issues) to look after your welfare.

Mode of services: Individual (one to one) and group session(s) can be arranged as per requirement.

Confidentiality: Each session is given full consideration and no information is revealed to anyone, whoever it may be. However, exception may be made in the case of life threat- ening situation(s).

Organization of counselling committee:


Prof. Sanjoy Roy
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering


Dr. Ekta Singla
Asst. Professor, SMMEE

Dr. Nitin Auluck
Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. M. Prabhakar
Associate Professor, Dept of Mathematics


Ms. Bhawna
Room No. 333
Landline: 2261; Mobile: 09729411999

Mr. Deepak Kumar
Room No. 329
Contact Details: Landline: 2264; Mobile: 09779719350 / 09416161802

Appointment: Appointment can be made during working hours, 2.00 pm –– 8.00 pm (Monday to Saturday) by meeting personally or as per the details mentioned above.

Current Week Schedule:

Schedule-I : Ms. Bhawna

Schedule-2: Mr. Deepak Kumar