Download PG [M.Sc., M.Tech., MS(R)] Form(s)

General Forms:-

S.No.AdmissionForm No Form No
1Course Template Form for PG100 For Department use only.
2Joining Report 101At the time of admission.
3Application for Identity Card 102 At the time of admission or in case of lost/expired of ID card.
Course Work
4 Form of Registration 103 Starting of every semester up to course completion.
5 Form for Add/Drop Courses 104 At the time of Add/Drop Courses
6 Form for Audit/Withdrawal Courses 105 At the time of Audit/withdrawal of Courses
No Dues
7 No Dues Certificate for PGs 106 At the time of completion / resignation of Degree.
8 Leave Application form for PG Students/Scholars (Casual/Medical/Duty) 107 When a leave is required (Casual / Medical / Duty)
Bonafide Certificate
9 Application form for Bonafide certificate 108 When a bonafide certificate required.
SSC Formation Form for MS(R)
10 SSC formation form for MS(R) 109 SSC formation form at the time of joining.
11 Progress Report for MS-R 110 Progress Report for MS-R

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