Admission Criteria & Eligibility

Department imparts the knowledge in three programs, a Bachelors programme with a total intake of 60 students per academic year, a Master of Technology and a Doctoral (Ph.D.) programme to upskill technical and research excellence in specialized avenues of Electrical Engineering.

Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.)

IIT Ropar currently offers a 4-year B. Tech. programme in Electrical Engineering. The admission to all these courses is through the IIT Joint Entrance Examination (JEE).

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Master of Technology (M. Tech.)

[To be Updated]

Master of Science (M. S.)

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Ph. D.

Eligibility Criteria : Candidates having M.Tech./M.E./M.S. in Electrical engineering or equivalent degree with 60% marks (or 6.5 grade point out of 10) are eligible to apply.

The Department currently has the following Research Areas:

  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Communication
  3. Infrared Imaging
  4. Non-destructive Testing
  5. Signal and Image processing
  6. Power Systems
  7. Nano-Optics and Photonics
  8. High Voltage Power Equipment
  9. Nano-Dielectrics
  10. Space Charges in Dielectrics
  11. High-speed interconnect design for on-chip and chip-chip applications
  12. Low-power communication networks for multi-core architecture
  13. Development and applications of novel materials for high-speed circuits.

In addition, candidates are advised to see faculty profiles and research areas for further details/areas. Notification will be issued from time to time by IIT Ropar. Please visit the following link for latest notification and other information.

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