Dr. C. C. Reddy (डॉ. सी. सी. रेड्डी)

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Dr. C. C. Reddy (डॉ. सी. सी. रेड्डी)
Associate Professor (सह - प्राध्यापक); Associate Dean (Student Affairs); Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on DEIS; Senior Member of IEEE
Department of Electrical Engineering (विद्युत इंजीनियरिंग डिपार्टमेंट)
reddy@iitrpr.ac.in;  Phone: 9417034192
Dr. Reddy did his Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Government University College of Engineering, Hyderabad, India in 1995. After his BE, he worked as a lecturer and Assistant Professor in Electrical ENgineering under JNT University, Hyderabad, India. After his ME & PhD from Indian Institute of Science (respectively in July 2005 and Jan 2008), Dr. Reddy has joined, J-Power Systems Corporation, Hitachi, Japan, a joint venture company of Hitachi Cables Ltd. and Sumitomo Electric Company and served as a Senior R&D Engineer in its Ultra High Voltage (UHV) research lab till 2011. Currently he is working as an Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (IIT Ropar) since 2011 and is Associate Dean of Student Affairs. He is an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation. He is a member of the Bureau of Indian Standards committee on Dielectrics, member of the Board of Studies of several universities in India. Dr. Reddy had participated in academic-industry collaborative research in Japan with several universities of Japan (Toyohashi University; Waseda University; Tokyo City University; Numazu Institute of Technology, etc.). He had also participated in the deliberations of technical standards committee on Space Charge Measurements in dielectric materials. Dr. Reddy has published papers in reputed journals and conferences (IEEE/IET/IEEJ), in the fields of Nano-dielectrics, Power Cables (HVDC/AC), Power Transformers, Bushings; Mechanism of Breakdown, Space Charges and Conduction in dielectric materials. He has guided four PhD students to their defense and currently guiding ten PhD students apart from several masters and bachelor students. He had authored a book on “Reliability and Life Estimation of Power Equipment”, with New Age International Publishers. He is working/worked on several projects with private industry like Reliance, Adani, KEI Industries, APAR Industries, etc. apart from public industries such as CPWD, CPRI etc. He has been the Organizing Chair of (IEEE) CATCON 2017, General Chair of IEEE ICIIS 2018 and 2020, General Co-Chair of IEEE ICIIS 2017, 2019 and TPC Chair of CATCON 2020 and International Advisory Member of ISEIM since 2011, being held in Japan.
Areas of Research: 
Electric Power Cable Technology; Mechanism of Conduction and Breakdown in Dielectrics, Space Charges in Dielectrics, Power equipment (Transformers, Machines, HVDC/AC Cables and accessories), Advances in High Voltage Engineering, Nano-composite Dielectrics, Power electronics, Signal processing in HV Engineering
PhD in Electrical Engineering from (Indian Institute of Science) IISc Bangalore, India
ME(Master of Engineering) in Electrical Engineering from (Indian Institute of Science) IISc Bangalore, India
BE from University College of Engineering, Hyderabad
Work Experience: 
Post-PhD Experience:
1. Research fellow (After Doctoral Degree) - IISc Bangalore, Jan 2008 to Feb 2008
2. Senior R&D Engineer, J-Power Systems Corp. (JPS), Hitachi, Japan, Since Feb., 2008 to Dec., 2011)
3. Assistant Professor, IIT Ropar, Since Dec. 2011 till Dec. 2015
4. Associate Professor, IIT Ropar, Since Dec. 2015 till date
1. Assistant professor in Electrical Engineering, AEC, JNTU, Hyderabad (Pre-doctoral)
Selected Publications/Patents: 

Selected Publications (in IEEE Transactions):

[1] C. C. Reddy and T. S. Ramu, “Polymer nanocomposites as insulation for hv dc cables - investigations on the thermal breakdown,”IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, vol. 15, no. 1, pp. 221–227, February 2008.

  • [2] C. C. Reddy, “Theoretical maximum limits on power-handling capacity of hvdc cables,” IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery,vol. 24, no. 3, pp. 980–987, July 2009.

[3] C. C. Reddy and T. S. Ramu, “On the intrinsic thermal stability in hvdc cables,” IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, vol. 14, no. 6, pp. 1509–1515, December 2007.

  • [4] C. C. Reddy and T. S. Ramu, “Estimation of thermal breakdown voltage of hvdc cables - a theoretical framework,” IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 400–408, April 2007.

 [5] K. Ishimoto, E. Kanegae, Y. Ohki, T. Tanaka, Y. Sekiguchi, Y. Murata, and C. C. Reddy, “Superiority of dielectric properties of ldpe/mgo nanocomposites over microcomposites,”IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, vol. 16, no. 6, pp. 1735–1742, December 2009.

  • [6] C. C. Reddy and T. S. Ramu, “On the computation of electric field and temperature distribution in hvdc cable insulation,” IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, vol. 13, no. 6, pp. 1236–1244, December 2006.

Recent Publications (IIT Ropar):

A. IEEE Journals/Transactions

  • [7] Ashish Gupta.; Reddy, C.C., "On the Estimation of Actual Space Charge Using Pulsed Electro-acoustic System", in IEEE Trans. DEI, Accepted  

[8]  Tiwana, A. P. S., Reddy, C. C., "Life Estimation Using Damage Equalization Method and Step-stress Breakdown Tests", IEEE Trans. Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, Accepted 

[9] Chahal, J.S.; Reddy, C.C., “Dependence of Space Charge Dynamics in LDPE on History of VoltageApplication”, IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, Accepted 

  • [10] Chahal, J.S.; Reddy, C.C., "Modeling and Simulation of Pulsed Electroacoustic Measurement Method," in Systems Journal, IEEE , vol.8, no.4, pp.1283-1292, Dec. 2014

B. IET/Elsevier Journals

[11] Reddy, C.C.; Tiwana, A.P.S.; Gupta, A.; Chahal, J.S., "Role of interfacial surface area on the physical phenomena of nanocomposites," in Micro & Nano Letters, IET , vol.8, no.11, pp.841-844, November 2013

[12] Rashmi Thakur, Dipayan Das, Apurba Das, C.C. Reddy, Spatial charge distribution in fibrous dielectrics, Journal of Electrostatics, Volume 76, August 2015, Pages 1-7

C. IEEE/CIGRE Conference Publications (Held Abroad)


[1] Reddy, C.C.; Chahal, J.S.; Gupta, A.; Tiwana, A.P.S., "Role of external and internal parameters on the space charge formation in dielectrics," IEEE Proceedings of 2014 International Symposium on Electrical Insulating Materials (ISEIM),  , vol., no., pp.101,103, 1-5 June 2014 doi: 10.1109/ISEIM.2014.6870730

[2] Chahal, J.S.; Reddy, C.C.; Tiwana, A.P.S.; Gupta, A., "Modelling the effect of amplifier response in pulsed electroacoustic system," IEEE Proceedings of 2014 International Symposium on Electrical Insulating Materials (ISEIM), vol., no., pp.362,365, 1-5 June 2014 doi: 10.1109/ISEIM.2014.6870794

[3] Tiwana, A. P. S. and Reddy, C. C., “Experiments on Breakdown Mechanism in Current Carrying PVC Cables under DC Voltage Conditions” Proceedings of CIGRE-AORC 2014, Tokyo, JAPAN, May 2014.

[4] Reddy, C. C. and Tiwana, A. P. S., “Investigations on Electric Field Enhancement in Cable Insulation Under Certain Recommended Test Conditions for HVDC Power Cables” Proceedings of CIGRE-AORC 2014, Tokyo, JAPAN, May 2014.


[5] Reddy, C.C.; Chahal, J.S.; “Dynamics of Leakage Current in LDPE Under Different Types of High Field Application”, IEEE-ICPADM 2015, Australia, July 2015

[6] Chahal, J.S.; Reddy, C.C.; “Some Investigations on Packet Charge Formation in LDPE”, IEEE-ICPADM 2015, Australia, July 2015

Other Information: 


1. T. S. Ramu, C. C. Reddy, "Reliability and Life Estimation of Power equipment, New Age International Publishers", New Delhi, December 2008

(TS Ramu was a Professor at IISc Bangalore and was the supervisor of Dr. Reddy during his Ph.D.)

ISBN : 978-81-224-2611-3; Publication Year : Dec, 2008; Edition : 1st; Pages : 300

URL:   http://www.newagepublishers.com/servlet/nagetbiblio?bno=001692




Ph. D. Students (Present and Past)

S. No Name of Student Date of registration Area of Research Status             
1 Jaspreet Singh Chahal Jan 2012 Space Charges in Dielectrics Thesis defended !
2 Ashish Gupta August 2012 Space Charges - Signal Deconvolution Final stage
3 Alampratap Singh Tiwana Jan 2012 Life estimation of Insulation/ Dielectric relaxation Final stage
4 Avnish Kumar Upadhyay July 2014 Nano Technology Comprehensive exam completed
5 Priyesh Kumar Pandey Jan 2016 Nanodielectrics Doing course work


Research Lab:


The main focus of research is on nanodielectrics for power applications. In addition, ageing, life estimation, power equipment modelling design and development research is being carried out.

Latest research on spacecharges in modern ultra resistive dielectrics, external current measurement upto fempto ampere level, DC & AC breakdown tests, measurement of capacitance, loss tangent  and characterization of dielectric materials is being promoted in this laboratory.

One Ph.D. student already defended his thesis. Currently, four research students are working for their thesis in this lab and are at different stages of their research program.

Please visit the link given below for details:


This is the first research lab of the Department. It is located at Room No:241. This was supported by the institute through ISIRD grant.


Research Projects Completed:


S. No.  Title Sponsored by

Number of research papers published

1        Life Estimation of Power Transformers and Bushings CG Ltd                   2
2 JPS-Academia Joint Research Project on Nanocomposite Dielectrics JPS, Hitachi, Japan                  24
3 Design and development of 250 kV HVDC Cable for Hokkaido-Honshu Cable Project JPS, Hitachi, Japan         Industrial Project



























Projects Completed at IIT Ropar: 

S. No.                                                                 Title Sponsored by

Grant (Rs)

Number of research papers published

4 Research on Pulsed Electro-acoustic method of charge measurements in dielectrics ISIRD, IIT Ropar

Rs. 57 Lakhs


5 Design and development of "High Voltage Lab" at IIT Ropar, through institute grant and other projects IIT Ropar, DST Rs. 45 Lakhs+



Research Projects Currently Under Execution:

S. No.                                                                 Title Sponsored by

Amount of grant


6 Experimental Investigations on Breakdown Phenomenon in Power Cables Department of Science and Technology Rs. 55 Lakhs 3 years (2013 onwards)
7 Investigations on new nanocomposite materials for electrical insulation  CPRI Rs. 65 Lakhs 2 years (2014 onwards)
8 Design Verification and Analysis of Electronic Impact cum Time Delay Sensing Module Circuit DRDO -TBRL  Rs. 9.72 Lakhs  1 year (2014 -15)
9 Design and Development of Compact Firing Circuit DRDO-TBRL Rs. 9.12 Lakhs 1 year (2014-15)


Participation in other institute level technical activities*

S. No.                  Title Sponsored by

Amount of grant to institute



Visveswarayya PhD Scheme (*This is not a research project. This is a grant sanctioned to institute under project mode)

Rs. 202 Lakhs

5 years (2015 onwards)



UG (HV) Lab:

High voltage lab is developed quickly by Dr. Reddy for supporting lab component of high voltage engineering (EEL 314, EEL 705) for undergraduate students.

It is aimed at training students opting for core power companies like ABB, Schneider etc.

It is located at Room No:136. Each year about 60 students are registering the course making the lab to run three times a week for lab work - one of the busiest labs of the department.

Among the new generation IITs this is believed to be the first high voltage lab in the area of Electrical Engineering. The lab is also supporting/being supported by sponsored projects.


The equipment is partly sponsored by the institute and the rest purchased from Dr. Reddy's projects.

Link: http://www.iitrpr.ac.in/HighVoltageLaboratory


Teaching (@IIT ROPAR):


Courses Taught (UG): Courses Taught (PhD): Laboratories Handled (UG):

GEL 104: Principles of Electrical Engineering

EEL 207: Engineering Electromagnetics

EEL 314: Topics in High Voltage Engineering (66 Students)

EEN 100: Introduction to Electrical Engineering

EEL 331: Power Electronics (65 Students)

EEL 483: Stochastic Processes in Electrical Engineering

EEL 705: High Voltage Engineering

EEL 709: Computational Electromagnetics

GEL 104: Principles of Electrical Engineering Lab (60 Students)

EEL 314: High Voltage Engineering Lab (66 Students)

 EEP 307: Engineering Electromagnetics Lab (33 Students)

EEP 203: Electromechanics Lab (~35 Students)

Courses Developed:  EEL 314, EEL 705, EEL 709, EEL 483 

Student Feedback: Categorized as "Excellent" by Director, IIT Ropar (In all semesters and all subjects taught till now)
                                 Categorized as "Excellent" by Director, AEC, JNTU

B.Tech. Projects @ IIT Ropar:  Fourteen completed; One running (Total 45 students till June 2016). Majority are hardware projects. Students contributed IEEE conference and other journal papers out of B. Tech projects

Administrative Responsibilities held/holding at IIT Ropar

1. Faculty-in-charge, Guesthouse, IIT Ropar (till 4/4/2014, for two years)

2. Departmental faculty advisor, Placements Cell (Since 2011)

3. Member - Departmental purchase committee

4. Looking after the EE website voluntarily (Since 2011, suggestions may please be sent to my mail ID. Anyone interested may takeup it.)

5. RPEC member PG/PhD coordinator for EED (Since 2012, till 2015)

6. Erstwhile member of faculty committee for new campus development (EED)

7. Faculty advisor for 2013 batch of EE students

8. Member of Standing Committee on Industrial Relations

9. Member of Patent Cell

10. Member of AC Committee


12. Member Fire Safety Committee

13. Ishan Vikas Yojana Coordinator

International Collaborations and Participation in International Student Research (Ph.D/MS):



Name of Student

Affiliation of Student/professor

Collaborating Professor


K. Ishimoto 

Waseda University

Prof. Y. Ohki,

Prof T. Tanaka


E. Kanegae

Waseda University

Prof. Y. Ohki,

Prof. T. Tanaka


Y. Hayase

Tokyo City University

Prof. Y. Tanaka


S. Okuzumi

Toyohashi University

Prof. M. Nagao


M. Kawano

Toyohashi University

Prof. M. Nagao


J. Yoshida

Tokyo City University

Prof. Y. Tanaka


T. Okazaki

Toyohashi University

Prof. M. Nagao

*The research was part of a collaborative research on nano-composite dielectrics in Japan.

Important Achievements/Honours/Awards/International Recognition

  • 15. Invited International Advisory Committee member IEEE-ISEIM 2017 (to be held at JAPAN)

    14. Invited faculty-selection committee member for some universities

    13. Invited Member of Board of Studies at NIT Trichy

    12. Invited session chair at prestigious IEEE-ICPADM 2015, held at AUSTRALIA

    11. IEEE ISEIM 2014 -Invited member of international advisory committee (held at JAPAN)

    10. Represented India at CIGRE AORC 2014, held at Tokyo, JAPAN during May, 2014

    9.   Special invitee (1+1) @ CIGRE Asia Pacific Conference on HV Insulated Cables (B1) on January 22 & January 23, 2013 in New Delhi

    8.   IEEE ICIIS 2012 - Invited Session Chair at IIT Madras, August 6-9, 2012

    7.   Specially invited by J-Power Systems (Hitachi) to visit JAPAN during my Ph.D. and obtained job offer in its R&D center after completion of my Ph.D.

    6.   Studied ME and obtained doctoral degree from prestigious IISc Bangalore.

    5.   MHRD Scholarship during ME (Through GATE) and PhD (Through test and interview)

    4.   Studied BE in prestigious University College of Engineering, Hyderabad, one of the oldest and regarded best in erstwhile Andhrapradesh and in current Telangana state

    3.   Secured Rank 561 (AP State Rank) in highly competitive EAMCET of erstwhile Andhrapradesh state's entrance examination to Engineering Education

    2.   Received Telugu Vigyana Parothoshikam (Fellowship) From AP state Government (2 times) for being within first 100 students of Adilabad district of erstwhile Andhrapradesh state in 10th and Intermediate (11th to12th class)

    1.   Reviewer of a few IEEE Transactions and IEEE conferences

    (Non-IEEE/CIGRE conferences, locally delivered invited lectures and program committee memberships etc. are not listed here)


  • Senior Member of IEEE
  • Member of CIGRE
  • Earstwhile member of IEEJ
  • Earstwhile Member of International Technical Standards Committee on PEA Measurement System



It is Dr. Reddy's dream to establish a world class HV research laboratory to perform high quality research at new campus of IIT Ropar. He is eagerly looking for interested prospective faculty to join him at IIT Ropar in this endeavour. 


Likes "Karma Yoga" of Geeta (click here). Likes the great philosopher "Krishna". Especially his words "Samatvam Yogamuchyate" (Yoga is same as being equanimous or neutral to all and in all situations). Practicing it while learning from errors on the way.


I believe that I am Straight forward, Righteous and Fearless.....some tend to interpret in their own way (:)

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