Research Facilities

The Department undertakes a continuous process of setting up experimental and computational facilities for taking up research & development and consultancy activities in various fields as also to produce state-of-the-art research output. There are several advanced Research Labs available in the Department which ensure the best and accurate Research work is obtained from the student as well as the faculty members.

Power Engineering Labs

Sr. No. Lab Name Faculty-in-Charge Website
1. Dielectric Measurements Lab Dr. C C Reddy Click here
2. Electric Drives and Renewable Energy Lab Dr. A V Ravi Teja Click here
3. Electric Machine Design and Drives Lab Dr. Saifullah Payami Click here
4. Renewable Power Modulation Lab Dr. K Ramachandra Sekhar Click here
5. Smart Grid Lab Dr. J Kalaiselvi Click here
6. SYnchrophasor Measurement And Research (SYMAR) Lab Dr. Ranjana Sodhi Click here

Signal Processing and Communications Labs

Sr. No. Lab Name Faculty-in-Charge Website
1. AMR Lab: Antenna and Microwave Research Lab Dr. Ashwani Sharma Click here
2. Communication Research Lab Dr. Sam Darshi & Dr. Brijesh Kumbhani Click Here
3. Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition Lab Dr. Subrahmanyam Murala Click here
3. Advance Research in Communications Dr. Satyam Agarwal Click here
4. Embedded Systems Lab Prof. J S Sahambi Click here

Microelectronics and VLSI Design Labs

Sr. No. Lab Name Faculty-in-Charge Website
1. Computational-Nanoelectronics lab Dr. Abhishek Sharma Click here
2. Integrated System Design Lab (ISDL) Dr. Devarshi Das Click here
3. Nanoelectronics Research Lab Dr. Rohit Sharma Click here