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Guesthouse IIT Ropar

In order to provide accommodation to the guests from other IIT's, Educational Institutions, Student Guardians etc visiting IIT Ropar for official work/ project work or for attending conference/seminar/workshop/JEE/GATE meeting etc. and at times for guests of IIT staff / parents of students, the institute runs a Guesthouse which has 5 air conditioned rooms. The Guesthouse rooms are situated in two buildings. The main building where reception is located has two rooms and also runs a mess for the guests as well as for the faculty of the institute. The other building has 3 rooms out of which one room that is situated on ground floor is similar to that of the main building. Each room is furnished with two beds, one LCD TV, AC and other basic furniture. Rooms in the main building are equipped with a computer with internet connection.

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IIT Ropar Campus

Rupnagar, PUNJAB -140001

Phone:+91-1881-223394 (reception)    (booking)

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Applications under "category A" need to produce a copy of approval from appropriate authority)


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The institute faculty and guests are requested to observe the following terms and conditions for accommodation in guesthouse

(i) Request for Reservation of Accommodation under different categories is given in the table shown below.

(ii) One day minimum charge shall be levied for all bookings unless these are cancelled at least 24 hrs. before the commencement of the bookings.  Similarly, in case a guest fails to occupy the booked accommodation, the same will be cancelled after one day of the booking date.

(iii) Student requiring accommodation for their parents are required to get their requisition forwarded through their respective Wardens and Dean of Students.

(iv) Not more than two persons will be allowed in the each double bed room.

(v) Booking is not permitted for guests undergoing medical treatment/ advice who are suffering from communicable disease or are bed ridden or are post-delivery case.

(vi) One day will be counted on 24 hrs. basis or a part thereof commending the time of arrival.

(vii) Pets/Dogs/Cats etc. are not allowed in the Guest House. Self-cooking by guests using electric cookers/heaters is not allowed.

(viii) MHRD/Govt. of India clearance is required for the guest/visitors holding foreign passport for staying in the Guest House.

(ix) In case of emergency due to heavy booking, a single occupant of the room may be asked to share the accommodation with another guest. The accommodation in the Guest House shall be provided to the people in the order of precedence in which they are shown in table. d) The management of guest house may at its discretion, cancel a booking or offer alternate accommodation as fixed by the Registrar.

(x) Detailed rules and regulations are given in the file available with care taker of guest house.

(xi) Prior Permission for reservation is required from the following authority:

S. No Category of Guest Eligibility Authority Payment Mode
1 A Guest invited by the institute for academic, administrative work and for campus interview Director/Registrar/Dyputy Registrar/All Deans/All HoDs Institute
2 B Guest/Individual visiting institute in connection with scheme, project/consultancy/short term courses, semonor & conferences etc. Dean Project/respective  coordinator/byguest
3 C Employee, Students, Parents/Guardians and Alumni Guest from other academic institutes offered accommodation on reciprocal basis Faculty/Officers By the individual before checking out. If charges are not paid by the guest then person making the booking is required to clear the bill
4 D Guest not covered under above categories For individual: Booking officer, Guesthouse By the individual before checking out. If charges are not paid by the guest then person making the booking is required to clear the bill