Coordinator for Year 2014-17: Dr. C. N. Tharamani


Article 1: Statement of purpose

The organization is responsible for the governing of the student affairs within the Department of Chemistry at IIT Ropar and shall be known as the Chemistry Consonance Society (CCS).

Article 2: Objectives of CCS

1.  To assist the students in providing them scientific knowledge in an interesting manner by means of lectures/talks, magazine articles, workshops, industrial trips etc.

2.  Promoting the interests of students in various scientific areas pertaining to chemical sciences.

3.  Giving relevant information to students to sustain their interest in their field-specific applications of chemistry.

4.  To spread awareness among the students about the scope for various career options.

5.  To convey timely information to students on the various research opportunities for internships and higher studies available in India and abroad.

6.  To act as an interface between the students and the faculty and strive for improvement in student-faculty interaction.

7.  Providing a platform for interaction between senior and junior students of the department by organizing social gatherings.

8.  To promote the interaction between academia and industry by organizing industrial trips, special lectures and facilitate in industrial training.

Article 3: Membership

Eligibility: Students registered in the Masters and PhD program, and Faculty in the Department of Chemistry, are eligible for membership.

Article 4: Government

The affairs of the CCS shall be governed by the Executive Committee.

Section A: Executive committee

(1) Composition: The Executive Committee shall be composed of the following positions:       2 Faculty Advisors, President, 2 Vice President, Treasurer, 2 Secretary

2) Qualifications

Any member of CCS is eligible for getting a position in the Executive Committee. For the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, the member should be registered as Master student or PhD scholar in the department.

3) Duties

A. The Executive Committee shall:

a) Be responsible for carrying out the objectives of the CCS as outlined in Article 1: Statement of Purpose.

b) Report in full and make available to all members of the CCS details of any activity and decisions on their behalf.


B. The Faculty Advisors shall:

a) Give the charge to President who has been elected/selected.

b) Be responsible for signing the cheque book of the CCS bank account. Without their signature no financial transaction is allowed from the bank account of CCS.

c) Give their advice to the President/Vice President.

d) Be responsible for election of new President in case of failure/resignation/misconduct of current President.


C. The President shall:

a) Act as the chairperson of the Executive Committee.

b) Act as his/her Batch Representative.

c) Be responsible for the formation of Society's Policy.

d) Be responsible for all decisions and actions taken by the Executive Committee.

e) Regularly brief the faculty advisor of CCS regarding various activities, plans and the progress made.

f) Assign new duties to members of the Executive Committee as they arise. The Executive Committee must feel responsible for such assignments. g) Be responsible for calling meetings of the CCS.


D. The Vice Presidents shall:

a) Act as vice chairman of the Executive Committee.

b) Take care of all the official work of CCS in absence of the President.

c) Make step by step plans for various activities and events.

d) Maintain active involvement in the operation of CCS by the President.

e) Assist in the performance of the President's duties as commissioned by the President.

f) Act as his/her batch representative if he/she belongs to a different batch from the President.


E. The Treasurer shall:

a) Be responsible for monitoring CCS funds and bank account. b) Maintain a record of all financial transactions of CCS.

c) Be responsible for collecting money from CCS members and faculty against receipt. Assist the President in preparation of Annual Budget of CCS.



F. The Secretary shall:

a) Represent the Masters or PhD Students' Community. They should act as a link between Students and the Executive Committee.

b) Coordinate the involvement of students in the activities of CCS.

c) Put forward the demands, suggestions & complaints of students to the Executive Committee.

Section B: Publication committee

1) Composition

The Publication Committee shall be composed of the following positions: Publication Secretary, and Editorial Board.

2) Qualifications

Any member of CCS is eligible for getting a position in the Publication Committee. For the position of Publication Secretary and Editor(s), the member should belong to Masters or registered PhD scholar in Chemistry department.

3) Duties

a) The Publication Committee shall: be responsible for printing of CCS newsletter. Be responsible for collecting articles from students as well as faculty members of the department.

Article 5: Operations and procedures

Section A: Election procedures

a) The President and the Vice President of CCS shall be elected by voting among the members of the CCS.

b) The sole right of rejection of candidature resides with the Faculty Advisors of CCS.

c) The other members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the President and Vice President of CCS by the advice of the faculty advisor.

d) The exact procedure of election/selection will be determined by the then President and the Faculty Advisor.

Section B: Vacancies

a) An Executive Committee position shall be declared vacant by a meeting of the Executive Committee when:

i) The qualifications for the position are no longer met.

ii) A written resignation is received by the President from said member.

iii) An impeachment removes the member.

b) The President will have the right to nominate a suitable person from the existing members of CCS for the vacant position of the Executive Committee by the advice of the faculty advisor of CCS.

c) The President will have the right to nominate a suitable person from the existing members of CCS for the vacant position of the members of the different committees of CCS by the advice of the respective secretaries.

d) If the President is found non-functioning or he gives a written resignation then the faculty advisors of CCS shall be responsible for electing new President.

Section C: Working committee meeting

The working committee meeting shall be held at least once every month. In this meeting all the working members of CCS must be present. This meeting will be chaired by the President. Further meetings may be called on the approval of the Executive Committee.

The President must give one week notice for this meeting. All motions, excluding constitutional amendments, presented at this meeting must be approved by a simple majority of the votes cast to be passed.

Section D: Constitutional amendments

a) Amendments to the constitution may only be made at the Executive Committee meeting.

b) Any proposed amendment to the CCS Constitution must be submitted to the President at least one week prior to the Executive Committee meeting.

c) The President shall post all proposed constitution amendments one week after the Executive Committee meeting.

d) All constitutional amendments must be approved by two-third of the members present at Executive Committee meeting.

Section E: Records

a) Copies of the minutes of all Executive Committee and Working Committee meetings shall be compiled and bound by the Vice President.

b) Copies of all financial statements and a year-end financial breakdown of all activities shall be compiled and bound by the Treasurer.

c) All aforementioned records shall be retained for a period of not less than five years and shall be the responsibility of the President in office.

Article 6: Annual activities of CCS

CCS shall be involved in the following activities through the year:

a) Printing of CCS magazine, newsletter.

b) Maintaining contacts with alumni.

c) Holding lectures and workshops.

d) Holding competitions.

e) Organizing industrial visits and tours.