BROCAS 2018 (February 17-18, 2018)


The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, in collaboration with Central Institute of Indian Language (CIIL), Mysore, organised its first linguistic symposium titled ‘Bridging Research On Cognition And Speech (BROCAS)’ during 17-18 February 2018, the weekend just before the International Mother Tongue Day, to bring together budding linguists, research scholars and practitioners from qualitatively different research backgrounds to present their ongoing research in the fields related to Phonology and/or Language cognition. The symposium was a major success in harnessing talents from all parts of the country.

The symposium began with a inspirational talk by the director of IITRPR  Dr Sarit K Das, which was followed by 5 plenary talks, 12 oral presentations and 10 poster presentations, all of which were chosen after rigorous scrutiny.

Eminent scholars such as Prof. P. K. S. Pandey delivered the plenary talks from JNU and Prof Hema Murthy from IIT-M who elaborated on prosodic phrasing and Syllable prosody in Indian languages. Further, Prof R. K. Mishra from University of Hyderabad elucidated upon bilingualism while Dr. S Husain (IIT-D) talked about processing dependencies. Prof Vaijanthi Sarma (IIT-B) put all of this in perspective by discussing language and cognition as a continuum.

The scholar presentations bridged topics from theoretical aspects of Phonology to Behavioural studies on language comprehension, also roping in language acquisition, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics and language teaching at a high level. 



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Name of speaker(s)/ chief guest(s)

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Prof. Pramod Kumar Pandey

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

“Prosodic phrasing and accentuation in some Indic languages”

February 17, 2018


Prof. Ramesh Kumar Mishra

University of Hyderabad

“Studying the bilingual mind”

February 17, 2018


Dr. Samar Husain

IIT Delhi

“The influence of working memory in processing head-final languages”

February 17, 2018


Prof. Hema A. Murthy

IIT Madras

“Syllable rhythm in prosodic phrases of Indian languages”

February 18, 2018


Prof. Vaijayanthi Sarma

IIT Bombay

“Linguistics-Cognition: Interfaces”

February 18, 2018