Language and Linguistics Labs




Language & Linguistics  Laboratory has been set up to support the research agendas of faculty and students interested in discourse analysis, social interaction and translation, broadly conceived. Members of the Core Research Group of the Lab do pure and applied, interdisciplinary and cross-linguistic research on various first, second or heritage languages.Members of the Language Program Coordinators Group include faculty and their deputies who supervise second, foreign, and heritage language service course programs.We are all concerned with issues that have a universal, inter-disciplinary and cross-linguistic appeal. We are also all committed to the importance of doing empirical research.The LLB Lab is designed to provide cutting edge technological support for faculty and students involved in all these different ways of constructing new knowledge about language use, acquisition, and translation studies.


31 computer nodes

Wordsworth language teaching software

Used for language teaching and Language and Linguistics related research


For any kind of inquiry please contact: somdev.kar [AT]