Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology Ropar


HSS Seminar 

Sign and Image in Communication


 Pushpinder Syal

  Department of English, Panjab University, Chandigarh 

Friday,  November 28, 2014 at 2.30 PM
Venue : Conference Room 2

Our understanding of the working of systems of communication has increased manifold in the last hundred years.  Concepts explaining the basic nature of linguistic and cultural signs emerged early in the work of modern linguists and cultural anthropologists such as Pierce, de Saussure, Levi Strauss and others; the developments in technology and commerce led to the expansion of many other cultural phenomena, from photography and film to television, computer animation and gaming. The image is now dominating our lives in the form of the `simulacrum’, hypertext and virtual reality, in movements away from the linearity of print culture to images that are constantly moving and morphing. How is this changing human communication, and how do we analyse and understand the images that represent current cultural phenomena? These are some of the important questions in cultural studies today.

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